What To Do With Your Tribe Once You’ve Built It

In last week’s episode of the CRUSH METHOD VLOG, we showed you how to start your tribe from scratch (and what pitfalls to avoid), so you can have a group of people who WANT YOU to lead them. 

This week, we’re “demystifying” the tribe, and giving you the 1-2 punch that...

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The Revelation That Came to Me in the Bathtub (G-rated)


(Don’t we always get these revelations at the weirdest times?).

But that ONE REALIZATION is what brought the whole CRUSH method together (and launched me to earn $84,000 in just 6 weeks!).

I tell you the whole story this week!

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BONUS Episode: Interview with Dane Short of Zymbol Jewelry

Recently we hosted Dane Short in The CRUSH Method Facebook Group to chat about transformation, building businesses, and the essential marketing tool of storytelling. The interview was so darn good, we had to download it and share it with you!

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