Your Millionaire Habit

How much power is there in the “fake it until you make it” idea? Turns out, quite a bit…

Often we envision a better, brighter future version of ourselves that is calmer, more at peace, more relaxed, more in control… after we’ve “made it”.

About a year ago, I was in the thick of it with our business, up to my eyeballs in to-dos and tasks, and my meeting calendar was out of sight. I had trips and travel booked out (this was pre-pandemic) and I also had big goals that I was committed to achieving.

So I did what many of us are in the habit of doing… I gritted my teeth, and clenched my fists, and pushed harder to get to my goal.

The trouble was, I was running so hard, and so fast, that I wasn’t getting where I wanted to go. In fact, it was seeming like the harder I held onto the goal, the harder it seemed to hold onto what I already had. In other words, I was rapidly burning out…

One day, while I was in the thick of to-dos and hard-core action-taking, I caught myself saying in my head “this will all be so much better after I’m a millionaire”.

I stopped cold in my tracks. It was the tell-tale “when-then” thinking pattern that I have learned over the years is often an indicator of a limiting belief or mindset that tends to keep us stuck and slowed down…

I asked myself, honestly, what would I really be doing right now if I was already a millionaire?

I dish the details in this week’s vlog. :)

In this breakthrough, I had a massive shift in my mindset. Tune into this episode to unpack how I went from good to VERY good in a short period of time, without yet having the millionaire goal...

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Your Millionaire Habit

Transcript of Podcast - JAN 24, 2021

Hey, Hey, Amanda here. And I wanted to share with you a big aha moment that I had not that long ago. And it was related to my ambition and my quality of life. You see, I think a big reason that a lot of us don't make the progress that we want to make is because we engage in a lot of when then thinking.


So when then thinking is when you tell yourself, well, when this is done, then I'm going to do that right? When I'm making a million dollars, then I'm going to have the life that I'm looking for. When I make a hundred thousand dollars, then I'm going to be happy in my business. When I make a hundred dollars, I'm going to be happy in my business.


Like it's when then thinking, right? And when then thinking gets us into so much trouble coach. Oh my gosh. It really does because it's putting false requirements ahead of our happiness, right? And so I remember I was reflecting, I would say in a very busy season in my business and I was working really hard. And I remember I had a win then moment where I said,


well, when I am at a million dollars, then I can really start to enjoy life. And I was so grateful to have really amazing coaches around me at the time I was able to catch myself in that thought and go, wait, what? Right? Wait, what? Right. I want to be happy now. I don't want to wait until my business is successful to be happy.


Ridiculous. And then I asked myself another higher quality question. And that was, if I was already a millionaire, if I was already a millionaire, what would I be doing with my time? How would I be really living into that? Cool, what would they be doing differently? And for me, the answer was I would take bubble baths in the middle of the day.


And here's the thing about bubble baths. They're pretty cheap. Even if you, you go to lush and you get one of those ridiculous $20 bath bombs, it's not a very expensive activity. And I recently posted in our free group, the coaches Plaza, I said, you are given a million dollar business grant. It has to be spent in the year.


What do you spend it on? And so many of the answers were for things that cost far less than a million dollars. Some of them cost thousands of dollars, but most of those things, we're talking about a couple thousand dollars and people are putting it on the millionaire list. You know, when I have a million dollars, I'm going to do this.


And I think it's only natural to do that right? To tell yourself when I get that, then I'm going to really dig in. You'd be so surprised at how inexpensive a little quality of life can be. Bubble baths are really inexpensive. Even if I have Perseco while I'm having my bubble bath. In the scheme of things, I don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy my life.


Right. It's the same thing for you coach. You don't have to have the success already to start experiencing that success now. And here's a real mind bender when I started taking daytime bubble baths. Oh yeah. Right. There's something about doing it at two o'clock in the afternoon, that just sort of feels extra luxurious. And part of being a business owner is I get to set my hours.


So if I want to have a daytime bubble bath, I can do that for free. Right. But, but here's the thing. When you start modeling the behaviors of success before you have it, guess what it comes faster. It comes faster. I really believe that there is this expectancy that we have in our mindset, that when we are modeling what that future success looks like right now today,


we are less surprised when success comes knocking at the door. It's a good thing to get that clarity about what you would be doing differently if you were more successful. So I want you to really, really reflect on this. I want you to think about what are the things you're denying yourself right now, because you're not successful enough. What are those things that you're putting off until you are successful and you have more money and you have more time and you have more of this,


where are you engaged in when then thinking, and what can you grab from your future and put into your days this week? I want you to find something that is your version of luxury. You know, for me, it was the bubble bath. Maybe for you it's it's gourmet meal. I don't know the really crazy thing about this exercise is very often you can do something that is at least really close to the millionaire life without having to have a millionaire bank account.


It's insane. The amount of abundance that there really is when we tune ourselves in to looking for it. So your assignment with this video is to find something fancy, find something that you have previously put on the back burner. I want you to do it this week. I want you to do it this week and bonus points. If you can work it into your regular weekly routine somehow,


and go ahead and share with us in the Facebook group, what's your fancy thing. And we'll see you again soon.


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