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Why I've Been Quiet Online Lately...

I’ve been quieter online lately, but it’s only because I’ve been building something pretty awesome for coaches, consultants, and high ticket course creators...

For years I’ve been supporting people getting their first clients, but a little self-critically- I kinda looked like all the other people who helped people in this way...

“Here’s your course, it’s obviously better in content than anyone else’s, but GO!”

And then I did something different than most, I would work with you personally until you got the result.

This summer I got depressed by it all.

I was so frustrated by “The Never Never Plan” that many people put themselves on when they got to the sticking points that are INEVITABLE in entrepreneurship.

And on a personal note, I was feeling caged by the “sameness” in the industry and felt like my own signature program was a clone that I was starting to resent… no… loathe.


I really feel that what I do is not *just* coaching.

It’s also content creation. And it’s a multi-media experience.

In my more recent work of the last couple years, more art and expression has made it into the production, and guess what?

Clients enjoy it. And they deploy it. Which helps me want to do it more.

Often when I’m working with someone, they are frozen by a desire for “professionalism”…

But what exactly is “professional”?

A pro is someone who gets in, expertly gets the thing done better than an amateur, and gets out.

A pro is someone who treats others with respect, authority, and is kind yet firmly understands their role and what they are doing.

Where, in the definition of professional, does it say “stodgy, boring, cookie-cutter, and sterile”???

In the fears of not having a “pro” enough program mine ended up being cookie-cutter in some ways.

Boring in others.

But wanna know something?

I can ONLY say that because *I built it*. I didn’t set out to build something that wasn’t perfect. No one does.

It was damn good. Really good.

I’ve just grown a lot since I built it, and I can see now that I’m capable of so much more color, interest, and engagement.

Maybe it’s because I have also grown in these ways.

So often I hear my fellow entrepreneurs say “I can’t start” because they don’t have the perfect program yet…

It’s not about being perfect. Or professional. Or whatever word you’re using to stop yourself from producing your best work you’re capable of today.

It’s about getting some paint on the canvas, so you can get it out there, so you can grow, and let your next masterpiece come to you in a few years.


P.S. Be on the lookout on Tuesday... I'm going to drop something big... 🐝

Why I've Been Quiet Online Lately Transcript

Hey, it is early. And like the house is still pretty quiet. My son is up and you think he's like chatting with some of his friends. It is labor day weekend, and I have been pretty quiet on the socials lately. I haven't been doing as much on, you know, reels and stories and stuff because I've been really heads down and I've been heads down working on well,

I'm going to tell everybody about it in a couple of days. It's labor day weekend, and I'm going to be taking tomorrow off, upon to take tomorrow, like off, off. I think I've been working really hard lately. And I really think that when it comes to work, it's something that you do in seasons. You know, there's going to be seasons where it's like really intense,

and then there's going to be seasons where you pull back and I have some, a pullback coming, which I'll tell you about as well. But I wanted to talk today a little bit about why I've been so heads down building something that I'm going to talk about here, but permission and what professionalism really means, because I feel like the coaching world really suffers from a lot of,

I can't do it because, and imposter syndrome stuff. And I know this because I've struggled with this too, that really stops us from just helping people in the best way that we know how to do it. And so the best way that I knew how to do it for the longest time was my other programs that I offered. And I've been heads down doing a revamp of a new program.

That's why I've been working so hard and so quiet on social media. And this new program is really different in its delivery style. It's very disruptive in how it does things. And it's so funny because as soon as somebody says, oh, what I'm doing is disruptive. I very often roll my eyes. I'm like, you know, okay, how,

but this is, this is, this is different enough. This is attention getting different enough. And it has taken a lot of early mornings, late nights, weekend work, team support contractors, you know, it's, it's taken quite a lot of lift to do what it does. And what I'm really excited about is the wins that my clients are getting and the nature of the wins that they are getting,

you know, not only are they getting clients in a really short period of time, but they are also getting more leads than they ever imagined possible more opportunities than they imagined possible, but also they're getting more personal connection than they ever thought possible and reviving relationships than they ever thought possible. And, you know, I, I often joke as a business coach for coaches and consultants,

that I'm more of a relationship coach than I am a business coach, because if you're struggling to get clients, you're very likely dealing with a struggle to connect with people online. And you may feel a lot of resistance around marketing and sales, which ultimately is a relationship challenge. It's about connecting with strangers and nurturing those relationships into a real connected relationship and being okay with having that connection happened through video or on the internet and having that confidence to do that.

Oh man. Yeah. That's relationship coaching, baby. And so, you know, what I wanted to talk to you about is, is that very often, you know, when it comes to establishing those relationships with people, we often get very self-conscious and we get very worried about what are people going to think of us? Are we going to be professional enough?

I may be wearing my pajamas and doing this, this little blog for you. And the reason I'm doing it in my pajamas is because this is a good window for me to have a real conversation with you in my video blog format, because I have a very busy life, you know, I've got my, my kids, my husband everybody's here, and it's crazy.

It's a long weekend. This is a good time for me to talk to you. You know, especially given that this is a free blog and I do have a lot of paying clients. Like I said, I am building a brand new program and you know, I've got a lot on the plate right now. So it's like, you know, finding a few minutes that I can,

that I can do this. Maybe I wasn't going to spend hours putting on a whole bunch of makeup and getting crazy. I did braid my hair though. Right. So I did do that, but the confidence to be okay with the potential, for some haters to, you know, send me a message saying, you know, you don't care about your brush knowledge log because we were done blah,

blah, blah, cause you're not dashed on blah, blah. You know what? That is something that I've built over time to just sort of deal with that. And that's, that's very much what I teach people to be able to do is to be able to show up anyway, and to be able to, to help people anyway. And when you're building your business and you're building to support and serve people,

the reason why people choose me as a coach is not because of my makeup. And it's not because of my hair. It's because they know I'm going to show up and they know that I'm going to be there. And they know that I, that I am going to serve and, and, and care and be very present with them. And that that's what matters.

You know, our whole motto is do what matters. So with the whole changing of programs and like doing what matters, what I wanted to share was that, you know, I'm changing of a program I'm sunsetting another one. And you know, it's making me think a lot about coaches that still are waiting to launch their perfect program. You know, last year I spoke to hundreds of coaches that had been telling me about the book that they wrote or the tens of thousands of dollars they spent in various programs.

And still haven't had consults with anybody about enrolling in their high ticket program. And what I have to say is that the concern about your program not being good enough is head trash. It's not about your program being good enough. It's about your program being out there and being pretty damn good. And then you realizing through that process, how you can make it pretty damn better.

And then you doing another iteration and another evolution and giving yourself permission to create new versions. And that's, that's essentially what I'm doing right now. I've got a new iteration in a new version. That's even better than the last version. And the last version, you know, I have criticisms about the last version, but it doesn't mean that the last version didn't get people to multiple six figures in their business.

It didn't work. It didn't, you know, that it was that it was awful. You know, I think one of the biggest traps that a lot of people get into is this all or nothing thinking about what they do. And so it's like, it's either gotta be this perfect ideal or we don't do it. And I think one of the biggest things that can set you free is realizing that actually you're at 95%.

Awesome. And then as you grow and go that 5% that had opportunity for improvement grows bigger and bigger and bigger as you grow and get better and better. And then there comes a time when you're like, you know what? It's like 80% awesome. And I've realized that there's this, there's this gap here that I can fill because I have personally allowed the growth and I've allowed my growth and my ability to get better.

And now it's time to make something even better because I'm more capable. And that, that my friends is something that is worth doing and worth celebrating. But I wouldn't be able to do that if I didn't allow the publishing of the work that I did in the first place. And I think about the people that have gone through programs that I did before,

that were the other programs that are no longer operating that I don't do anymore. And they made literally, like I said, multiple six figures while they were in the program and then continued on to make their six and seven figures. They, they continued on to go do other amazing things. And you know, now I'm on to do my next amazing things.

And I think if you could be more of a journey thinker instead of a destination thinker, you would realize that your 95% awesome program that you have right now in your head needs to get in front of people. So I hope that this helps you have more permission to launch what you got right now, do what you know to do right now. And if you've been doing something for a while,

that's not really working, give yourself permission to launch the next generation and the next iteration. All right, we'll see you soon.



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