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Using Flexibility To Get True Freedom In A Coaching Business

Hey, it's Amanda here, and I'm excited to share my latest episode of "The Amanda Kaufman Show" with you! In this episode, I talk about something near and dear to my heart - flexibility and time freedom.

As someone who loves to have fun, I know how important it is to be able to enjoy the things you love without feeling tied down. For me, that means being able to watch movies whenever I want, cook up new and exciting recipes, and indulge in bubble baths whenever I need a little self-care.

But, as a coach and consultant, I know that achieving true freedom takes more than just the occasional movie night or bubble bath. It means being flexible in how you approach your business, and prioritizing time freedom so that you can enjoy the things you love on a daily basis.

In this episode, I share my insights on how to build a successful coaching or consulting business while still having time for the things that matter most. I talk about the importance of flexibility, both in terms of your mindset and your approach to your work. I also highlight the value of time freedom, and how it can lead to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

So, whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting out, I encourage you to embrace flexibility and time freedom in your business. And don't forget to make time for the things you love - like watching movies, cooking up new recipes, and indulging in bubble baths!

Thanks for tuning in to "The Amanda Kaufman Show." Head over to my website for the full transcript and show notes, and remember to always have fun and enjoy the journey.

Full Transcript for Flexibility for True Freedom in Coaching

Hello and welcome to the show. I hope you are having an amazing week. And this week I wanted to talk to you about flexibility as you're building your coaching business, your company, your consulting business, you're mentoring, your training, okay, so one of the things that we've been hearing a lot more from our community is I'm not a coach, I'm not a trainer,

I'm a mentor, or I'm a facilitator, or I'm a energy transformation, et cetera. And those are semantics, my friend. If you are helping people with their transformation and you are facilitating that transformation through some kind of a modality based on your, your talents, your skill set, you are coaching in some way and what you decide to title yourself,

I mean, you need to find people, connect with them and offer your modality. That's what you need to do. My name's Amanda by the way, and I help people build their successful businesses so that they have a ton of flexibility so they can go do things like what I just did, which is ditch your nine to five to go to a doctor's appointment or whatever it is that you need to do for your self care and your wellbeing.

I just had another birthday last week and if I didn't have the total control over my calendar, my time freedom, my quality of life just wouldn't be as good. And I didn't used to feel like I really had this time freedom. I used to be in a J O B where I needed to be butt in seat at my desk for hours and hours and hours at a time,

whether I had work to do or not. And that's not the culture I even have at the company that I've created. That's not the ideal that I really want to have for how I work for sure and for many of the people that I coach and the people that are attracted to the kind of work where they're helping people with their transformations, I'm pretty sure freedom is high on the list of things to do and time freedom is really,

really huge. So how do you create more time freedom? Well, it's about finding that sweet spot and having that flexibility. So flexibility comes on a lot of forms. And one of the things is to understand that your strong sense of boundary around what do people call you? What is it that people are using your coaching for? How deep does the coaching go?

All of that really strong. Like it has to look like this, it has to sound like this. I have to be treated like this. This hastiness really gets in the way of a lot of the flexibility and the freedom that you have. For example, this blog, this podcast, this thing that I'm doing right now, I pulled out my phone,

I was inspired to talk, so I opened up my phone, I started talking, and previous versions of me would be absolutely disgusted. Like I wouldn't let myself do it because I would not have the flexibility to say, Hey, it's okay. You're in a parking lot. It's relatively soundproofed and you're inspired, you're motivated, you have the energy, do it right now.

And that flexibility to allow yourself to be in the energy to just do the thing is such a powerful thing for having a greater sense of time, freedom, time. The truth is you have time freedom. You always have time freedom. You have time freedom. Even when you're sitting in a nine to five and you might be thinking, no, you don't,

Amanda. Well, yeah you do. You could get up out of that desk, that job right now, and you could break all the rules and you could leave. You could quit your job, you could walk out. You have the freedom to do that. Does that mean that you don't have the consequences associated with that? Freedom is not about avoiding consequences.

Freedom is about having choices. And the truth is, is that you do have choices. And what we fail to recognize in experiencing true freedom is that we have so many choices. We're just not comfortable with the consequences of those choices. And when you become aware of how comfortable you can really be with a lot of consequences and how much more freedom you can have when you are okay with not worrying so much about what people think about you,

not worrying so much about the future of things that you cannot control, not worrying so much about things that honestly you don't even really wanna worry about, then you realize that actually you have a ton of time freedom. You have a ton of financial freedom, you have a ton of geographic freedom, you have a ton of social freedom, you have a lot of freedom.

It's getting comfortable and more flexible with the consequences of your choices, exercising your freedom. That that's my friends, is where the true fulfillment actually lies. So when I started getting more comfortable with, I don't really care whether you like my hairstyle or I'm cool, if you are in judgment of the fact I'm doing my podcast in the car, right? Maybe you love it,

maybe that's awesome. Maybe maybe you know we're gonna totally vibe about that. The reason I'm doing a podcast and sharing this idea with you is because I wanted somebody to tell me that it's gonna be fine and it's gonna be okay wherever you are and wherever you happen to be. And for the longest time, no one did. No one said, Amanda,

you can be a successful woman at the weight that you are. You can be successful when you have kids. You can be successful because you know the fact that you're married. You can be successful at the age that you're at. You can be successful despite the failures you've had. You can be this, you can be successful despite the mess you are in.

You can be successful because you know what the thing is, hun? No one is perfect and everyone's on a journey and there's parts of your life that are shiny and bright and there's parts of your life that might be a mess. And the point that that, that you really need to focus on is to do what matters today. Cuz today's all you got,

sweetheart. Today is all you got. And the more you can do for your energy to be in the flexibility to enjoy the moment that you actually have let loose, let go of all the stuff that you don't even care about. You know, the people's opinions that honestly don't even really matter to you. And to focus on the goals that count, the people that do matter,

your actual health and wellbeing and the actions that you can take today that are gonna set you up for the stuff that's gonna matter tomorrow. Man, I wish that somebody had actually done a podcast from their car, you know? And they weren't so curated about it because then I would have seen, my goodness, there can be some really good content that gets created literally anywhere that inspires and motivates.

So that's why I opened up my phone and I started talking. Flexibility is about being able to be present, getting into the flow, challenging yourself to do something. The other place of flexibility can actually show up, up is to challenge yourself to do something more. Excellent. So on one hand it's like opening up your phone, being present, being able to just challenge yourself to do the thing in the moment.

Impromptu stuff, being extemporaneous. That's amazing. And that's really, really cool. The other thing that I think really is, is, is a powerful thing is to challenge yourself to go to that, that place of excellence. If you feel like you really do wanna do an excellent job, have the flexibility to challenge yourself to say, Hey, I'm not going to do X,

Y, Z, because I'm gonna hold the space to actually do a, an excellent curated job. You know, I do. I do those kinds of things too. And I think that flexibility says, hey, sometimes it might be a, sometimes it might be B. Sometimes I wear like big eyelashes and red lips and and the whole thing. And you know,

I think that that duality, that ability to flex and that flexibility and that expression, you can be this and also this. You can do multiple things. So if you're like, I can't because I'm only this type of person, I am not a coach, I am not a consultant, I am not a this, I am not a that. I only do this kind of social media,

I only do that kind of thing. I only do written, I only do this. I don't do video, I don't. Flexibility is what will really allow you to be accessible to not just other people, not just new opportunities, but accessible to that freedom that you actually wanna have. So that's my little rant from a car. I hope you love this week's show and we will see you next time.



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