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The Easiest Way To Get The "YES" (Without Being Aggressive, Sleazy, Or Manipulative)


Does it make you cringe to hear the word sales? Would you rather get all the other areas of your coaching business worked out perfectly before investing the time and energy into sales?

If so, you’re going to want to catch this week’s episode of The CRUSH Method Show so you can kick that fear of icky sales!

This week, Amanda and Chris are discussing how to get the “yes” without the gross salesman tactics that you’re used to in the coaching industry.

They’re covering some tips on maintaining strong, goal-oriented coaching and why it’s easier to sell than the “magic promise” coaching.

Don’t miss out on this free discussion that is going to help you get over the fear of sales and make you a confident seller with strong relationships that are reciprocating consent.

Come learn more in this week’s episode of The CRUSH Method Show.

Come join the CEO Coach Community at The Coach’s Plaza at www.thecoachesplaza.com 

Get the full vlog, transcript, and mp3 at https://bit.ly/3B8xBxD


The Easiest Way To Get The "YES" (Without Being Aggressive, Sleazy, Or Manipulative)

Transcript of Podcast - August 27, 2021

Hey there, Amanda here! And Chris Lavelle! And you are watching The CRUSH Method Show. And today we're talking about the easiest way to get the yes without being aggressive sleazy or, manipulative. Oh, I liked that. I liked that. Cause nobody likes that gross icky kind of nasty kind of selling stuff. Instead, you want to have yeses that are positive and move people forward, and are aligned with their goals.

You know, there's a lot of characters when it comes to selling online and some of those characters I've really enjoyed watching. I'm not going to lie. You know, I loved the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. Oh, that's a funny one. Yeah. And Boiler Room. Same thing. Yeah. And I just, I get a kick out of watching Grant Cardone on Instagram.

I'm not gonna lie about that, but my personal style definitely does not include burning money, smoking cigars- There's no yelling, there's no screaming. There's no making you feel bad. That's kinda gross! That's not what we wanted in our day and we're confident you probably don't want it either. Yeah. So when it came to ditching my nine to five to become a coach full time, I had all this crazy stinking thinking, thinking about,

would anybody char- you know, with anybody except what I wanted to charge as a coach, I didn't even pick really reasonable targets for what to charge, which is a subject for another. Yes. But I, all I really knew is I didn't want to be that like greasy, sleazy salesperson. Like I, I, that was really, even now,

I'm just like BLEH! Yeah. So you kind of went on a journey as a result and certainly you found a lot of the ones you didn't want, but along that journey, you found a few coaches that really resonated with you and more like what you did want and that gave you some directions to go from there. Finally, I did find some that resonated more with my frequency, we'll say that.

And it ultimately took learning from many different sources to find that mix. That was a really good fit for me. And I actually developed my own sales style called consciousness-based selling as a result of it, because it was quite a journey to find a way to sell that was not gross. It takes many masters to make a master. And that's part of the journey for sure.

Yeah, Absolutely. And I'll tell you what, like when I finally decoded, how can you hear yes. More easily. How can you get people to be more receptive and open to hearing about your coaching? It changed our lives. Absolutely. Absolutely night and day Walk at 9:00 AM today. And the significance of that, like when I was in corporate,

I would have been on an airplane. Yeah. On a Monday At that time. Absolutely. You would have two or three-hour flight somewhere. I went through TSA. What's 46 times 2. 92 times a year, 92 times a year. I went through TSA, yeah. I went through the security lines 92 times a year. Right. And instead at 9:00 AM today,

I went for a walk and you know, I had a client reschedule earlier today. Oh. I went and had, like a really nice luxurious shower in the middle of my day. Well, Not only that, that was your experience. My experience I'm Dumble dad for our own little home warts. So I'm helping some kids of ours. We've got four kids go through school remotely during what we're going on.

And so the nice thing was I got to do that all morning. I jumped off for a couple of quick calls with people that are interested in coaching with us. And then I went right back to it and it was all very smooth and congruent congruent because of what Amanda's learned and what we've done in the business. Now, as a result, I didn't have any kind of icky energy going back and forth.

It was just a smooth transition into how we can help people. And then on with other activities, That is the gift of when you know how to run a system and a conversation with people that's not icky, not gross. You don't have to have a whole bunch of like begging for business with your values or working with the wrong people that abuse your time.

Or don't appreciate working with you. Like hello, like who wants to work with that on the other side? Exactly. So we, by the way, we did a whole full-blown training on this in the coaches Plaza, our free Facebook group, you can go to www dot the coaches, plaza.com to come and join us there anytime you'd like now, preferably,

but we'd love to see you there. But the thing is, is that a lot of people think that in order to hear, yes, more often you got to compromise who you are or you got to compromise. You have to promise something. You don't want to promise. You gotta be like this big, really crazy robust system. And what we talked about in the training,

the number one thing is it's the energy. You got to understand the energy Of that. Yes, absolutely. Because are you coming, is a person coming to the discussion with high ambition goal. They have a lot of inspiration going on for them that a lot of really ready to make change or are they kind of wallowing in some negative energy and that's kind of swallowing their energy and keeping them down,

which of those two are they? Cause one's likely to move forward and one's not, you can't make somebody take action in their best interest. They have to already have that interest there. Exactly. The thing that I found was that if I'm speaking to someone who's committed to the identity of being stuck. Ah, so they're stuck in the wall here. That's the challenge.

Yeah. So not the people that are going for ambition are never feeling pain or they're never feeling stuck. Cause it can Be the same person. A person can feel very ambitious in one area and very stuck in another for sure. And that's actually kind of something to think about there. And we talked in greater depth about it in the training is you can connect with the inspired side and leave alone the stuck side.

Cause one of those is not going serve them. And if you can do that well, then that could often help move you forward. And then most importantly, Exactly. Now very likely in the sales conversation, they're going to bring up the stuck stuff. Probably that's what they need help with. Shouldn't Be afraid of it, for sure. Absolutely not.

However, or if everything you put into the, into the conversation leading up to that is like stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck. And if the pain is not something they're trying to get away from, but rather something they want to commit to and they want to hang on to, that's really the, the struggle bus. So if you understand the energy of yes and you know,

the way we explained it in the training is like, think about that time when you just stepped into your own intense desire to do something and you just decided to do it. And it was a great decision. Yeah. If, if you think about that, there's also been times when maybe you were feeling really stuck in the muck and it was like nothing anybody can say would move you from that place until you decided that you were going ready to move on.

Yeah. Cause it's always your choice, right? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So when it comes to setting up a business where you're going to be dependent on making sales on a frequent basis, we found that it's, that it's more powerful to speak to the aspirational side and to address the pain points, but it's more like the pain of not having the ambition,

It to the ambition. Yeah. Not the pain of being in pain. Absolutely. Absolutely. And you know, to help with that, we talk about things in our programs like consciousness-based selling, which is really more focused on getting clarity of, do they want to stay in Stuckville or do they want to go for that bigger goal and they want help with It.

Exactly. Exactly. Now in the, in the training that we just went through, we also talked a little bit more about the process. We talked a lot, a lot more about how you can set up your entire business to make it so that the yes is almost like you're golfing. And it's just like a little at the end of the process.

So if you want to hear a whole lot more than about that, then I hope to see you in The Coach's Plaza real soon. Absolutely, Coach. All best! MWAH!


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