The 4 Laws of Non-Icky Client Relationships (free gift inside!)

If we were to line up all the biggest challenges coaches face in creating a successful coaching business…

And just pick ONE that causes more icky feelings, self doubt and giving up…

Without a doubt, the dreaded word “SALES” takes first prize. 

But have no fear... 

Because in this weeks episode of the C.R.U.S.H. Method Vlog, we share with you the 4 Laws of Non Icky Sales

Now, when you apply these to your conversations with potential clients, here’s what happens:

The person you’re talking to doesn’t feel like you’re selling them. 

Instead they just feel cared for. And want more of your help as a natural result. 

(It’s exactly why you’ll notice that your most fulfilling friendships already follow all 4 of these laws we are about to share. :-) )

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