The 3 Must Have Elements of A Premium Program

Building your online coaching business is an amazing goal! Unfortunately, that journey can be full of false promises and often feels like it’s the blind leading the blind...

You may have the coaching certifications and training that qualify you as a coach, but you never get the assurance that you’ll be able to market your business correctly and have an abundance of clients flowing in… not even from the fanciest of certifications. 

Most certifications promise you that you’ll be able to create a new career as a coach, once you complete the training that they offer you.

This isn’t about training-bashing; in fact, most certifications have excellent programs that indeed teach you exactly how to coach.

The trouble is, the business coaching they provide is usually very low-grade and “by the way” in its delivery.

If your ambition is to build a 6-figure private coaching practice or to have a steady stream of income from a virtual coaching / consulting / course business, then an “oh by the way” level of business training isn’t going to get you very far.

It turns out that legitimately building a business starts at the beginning… with what you are offering to do for people.

And, believe it or not, they don’t really want your coaching.

What they want is some kind of a transformation.

Make sense?

Think about it… every January, the gyms fill up, and trainers get more clients than they can handle… but by February, what happens?

People go back to their old habits, old routines, and stop showing up at the gym.

But what had them show up in the first place?

What compelled them to get the cute, all-matching outfit from their favorite sports store, to “go again”?

It definitely wasn’t the opportunity to lift more weights!

No one actually wants to lift weights.

Lifting weights is hard! It’s heavy! You get sweaty! Gross!!

But, gym rats everywhere will tell you they “love crushing weights”.


They LOVE being a person who crushes weights.

They love the physical fitness they get to enjoy because they lifted the weights.

They love the dopamine rush of watching the amount of weight they lift to get bigger, and bigger, as they grow their capability.

But they don’t necessarily love the act of lifting weights.

It’s what the lifting does for them that they love.

This is true in selling any kind of coaching, not just fitness coaching.

And if you’re providing a private service, where you sit down for an hour at a time, for weeks in a row… even if they enjoy the process of receiving the coaching, the main reason they are there is what they get out of it.

This is why it’s so important to have a premium program that people actually want to invest not just their cash-o-la, but their time in, to get a result they care about.

What are these “secret” elements that ensure your premium program will reach clients that need your coaching? Find out in this episode of The CRUSH Method Show!

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The 3 Must Have Elements of A Premium Program

Transcript of Podcast - March 12, 2021

Hey, Hey, Amanda here. And you're watching the crush method show, and we just finished wrapping up a training with our community, the coaches Plaza, all about how to set up your premium packaging as a coach. That's right. We gave some tips on how to think about it, maybe how to plan for it, and some considerations you need to have in place for the long-term growth of your coaching business.

Exactly. I started out with not one, but two rather fancy and very expensive certifications as a coach and made him cringe, maxed out all the credit cards. And I had a really hard time actually selling coaching. And I found out it was really a big problem in our industry. Absolutely, well, you know, you've got these brand new shiny certifications,

but they didn't come with how to actually turn it into a real coaching business. It was a great skill of coaching, but they didn't teach you how to actually ensure that well, what you wanted to coach on how to market of people to buy, for example. Exactly. And it was, it was kind of an environment of a lot of people kind of blind leading the blind.

And it was like, what do you charge? What do you charge? What do you charge? Everybody's asking everybody what they charge instead of going and getting real data about how to create a coaching business, how to bring leads into it, how to close those leads and how to do that successfully over time. Now I personally went on a bit of a journey because by the time I was,

I had been sunk so deep in, in trying to make this work. I found myself on this awful kind of hamster wheel of programs and courses and everything. And it was like, everybody was promising this laptop lifestyle, this ability to, you know, make money while you sleep. And like, yeah, kind of all this get rich quick crap.

Am I right? Everyone leaning on their Lamborghinis that are rented, things like that. Maybe you've seen this kind of stuff. We'd seen it too, but that's not what we wanted. And certainly, that wasn't working for us. Yeah. We were coming from the perspective of like, Hey, we did pretty well in corporate America. We had some good jobs, but we felt golden handcuffs.

You know, I was spending way too much time doing spreadsheets that I did not care about for people that I was not motivated or inspired to serve. That's not how I wanted to spend the years of my life. Exactly. And it's like, we wanted out of that. And so not going to lie that idea of like building a business online was so,

so intoxicating. And it led me to spending about $80,000 in training and courses and programs and like all this kind of stuff. And the first few months not proud, but like I really, really, really, really invested in it. And I finally decoded it around that point of investment. And I started making some actual real sales and I'm really excited to have been able to serve dozens of amazing clients,

help them get some really incredible results. And for the first few years, I actually was doing a lot of life coaching at premium levels and not as much working with coaches, the way that we, that we are doing Now. Well, your first six figures were all in that life coaching. They were. And the thing is my, my colleagues from the coaching schools were tapping me on the shoulder and saying,

but what are you doing? How did you do that? What happens differently? I can't get that kind of result, Yeah, exactly. So I decided to launch the crush method, which is the show that you're watching right now to help coaches to really decode, like what does it take to create clients if you have a product like coaching to offer the world.

And so what, what we just finished doing was talking about like, what are the different factors of making sure that whatever you're going to put together, whatever you're going to sell is actually going to sell. A product that people actually want to buy and pay you for so that you can have an actual successful coaching business. Cause it'ss one thing to like, sit down,

sit down on your laptop, you know, in the wee Hours, I think somebody wants this thing And plug it into a spreadsheet. It's another thing altogether to get people to actually say yes to that particular program. So there's three big things that you need to know. The first big thing is, is that you need to do what's called market validation.

All that fancy term means is, is that you are going to make sure that there's people out there who want to invest in having a coach, help them with that. Absolutely. You can do this by looking up the data you're looking for data or proof. In this case, you can look it up in some creative ways that we talk about on some of our programs,

or you can even actually go actually sell what you want to do. That's the best data and actually have people that have bought what you're trying to do before you expand it and make it all this. Exactly. So that's like the number one thing. The number two thing is you've got to have a lot of clarity about when someone hires you, like when they become your client,

what's their before state and what's their after state, The Results that they're actually moving towards from whatever maybe their current position Is. So I kind of think of a lot of like the before And after photos and weight loss. yeah, that makes a lot of sense. But even if you're coaching around like business or relationships or relationship with self, you know, you want to be able to actually picture in a picture or a screenshot.

What is that circumstance that is going to be different or change for that person? And the more real that circumstance transformation is going to be the better, what you don't want to do is you don't want to get into an implied better life or something that's all, you know, described in emotional words and not something- Like happy, for example, not something concrete,

right? Because I think that's what a lot of coaches do. They're like, I'm going to shift your energy, Make you more satisfied. Well, those are all feelings, but as much as you can make it based in, as Amanda said, something concrete, something that has real magnitude, we often call this a problem of appropriate magnitude or a Pam.

That's going to have a lot more resonance. People are really to pay attention more And be more interested in shifting to that result that you can help them with. Now, I really want to tell you the third thing, but I'm going to make you go and watch it in our group, The Coach's Plaza. So we do a training in there every single week,

including a training that we just did that expands a whole lot more on the premium coaching packaging. And we'd love for you to come and watch it. And the other trainings completely for free in our community, The Coach's Plaza. The Coach's Plaza is basically our Facebook group that we've created for coaches who want to be a CEO. It's a community, it's a community,

right? So we're looking for coaches who want to join us to talk about business topics like psychology, like the direct response copywriting like, like budgeting and scalability. Exactly. Like talk about the things that make it a real business, because that is our mission is to help raise the professionalism of the coaching industry by having more of the real raw business talk and less of the posturing.

I mean, look what we're wearing. If you're listening on the podcast, I mean, it's casual, we're casual, she's in a t-shirt and I'm still in my workout attire from the gym. Exactly. So we're a fairly casual operation, but we definitely do not take casually is transformation and belief in yourself. Those things like we are so here for it.

And we want you to be as successful as possible as a coach facilitating that for other people, because we are after that ripple effect. So go to and that'll take you to our complimentary Facebook group, where you can really get a good sense of some of the additional training that we have to offer there. And we can't wait to see you in there to network with the other coaches and

we'll see you on the next episode of The Crush Method Show. All the best Coach! Bye bye!


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