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Smaller Actions Help You Go Faster Than Big Ones


It’s not the size of the actions you take, so much as the consistency, conviction, and focus with which you take the steps…


Join us this week as we have a quick chat about a big idea that saved us a lot of heartache… Taking smaller steps to get places faster.


When we were starting out early in our business, we thought that we had to have a big impressive website, a fancy team, and lots and lots of letters after our names to be effective as coaches, and the truth?


You can be scrappy, and quite effective, by simply deciding to be in action and in momentum.


This week on The CRUSH Method we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes peek at what we shifted our focus to in order to move from high-stress, big-bang-business to a more consistent and achievable level of growth, doing what most wouldn’t think of…


Slowing down, and choosing the right things to work on daily in the business.


Some examples of daily tasks that you should definitely have in a coaching business of any size:


  • Engaging your existing clients with helpful content, everyday (keep in mind if you have a course or automation setup, you can rely on these tools to make sure they have what they need)
  • Sparking conversations and dialogues with your community members everyday (you can pre-schedule a lot of your social media posts and emails to accomplish this!)
  • Conducting conversations with potential clients, everyday
  • Actively meeting new prospects and community members, everyday
  • Spending time on your strategy and action-planning, everyday


A business is simply a collection of processes, working together to deliver value. So if you’ve been working on your business every day, but everything you’re doing is a “first time” and “one time” task, that might be a big signal that you need more focus in the little things.


To help us in our journey, we created a Coaching Biz Blueprint, to make sure that we are actively building out the day-to-day processes that are going to make the biggest impact on our business. From back-office activities to exciting conversion events, they all make it onto the calendar and into our team’s to-do lists, everyday.


It’s not about doing the big things perfectly. It’s about a relentless commitment to doing the small things that matter with enough frequency that the rest of it falls into place.


If you’re ever stuck on what to focus on next, you should definitely reach out to our team and book some time to chat, because unsticking coaches and getting you to a viable long-term business is what we’re all about. You can book time to chat right here.

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Smaller Actions Help You Go Faster Than Big Ones

Transcript of Vlog - June 20, 2020


Do you have a big, big goal, like a big one a super big, hairy goal you want to accomplish? Yeah. Like maybe you want to completely change your career direction. That's a good one. Or maybe you want to build a awesome coaching business. That's what we help people do. Or maybe you want to be one of those millionaire coaches or even a eight figure coach or big influencer,


big goal, whatever your goal is. I'm sure you have some really amazing heart-centered reasons for why you want that big thing. No doubt. But here's the thing. Most people on the journey to the big thing, they miss something really important. And that's the little things that get you there, Right? They, they go try and lift the giant Boulder in a single lift.


And it's a quick way to injury and Stucksville and not accomplishing your big goal. They forget that the way to accomplish and climb a huge mountain like Mount Everest is the small little steps you make repeatedly consistently frequently until you make it to the top of the mountain. Exactly. Exactly. This is a secret that we unlocked early in our business. And honestly,


the very beginning of my business, I did learn how to lift some really big rocks. I learned how to sell very high ticket coaching for multiple five figures. And that was awesome because it meant I only needed to do a few transactions and boom, I'm six figure coach, And that's an important skill to have, but that in itself is not going to be enough to get you to the success you were targeting in that you may be targeting as well.


Exactly. When I realized that it's the combined effort of all the little things, all those little moves that are one step towards the goal, but executed every single day, really, really consistently that made the hugest difference. I was completely converted. We actually call this the BAM that's right, the Bare Ass Minimum. So for example, in our business,


we realized that the more often we're actually engaging and speaking to members of our community, the more conversations naturally and organically really how to spark. And that's where we get more and more people signing up for our programs and becoming clients because relationships are not about the big moves, right? If you've, if you've read a lot about the success of relationships and failure of relationships,


you know, there's so much pressure put on the wedding, you know, and it's like, Ooh, I got engaged and now I've got the wedding and it's like this big move. But 10 year, almost 10 years into our marriage, I will tell you, it really is the little things. It's the, it's the considerations every day for each other.


It's making that space every single day and being very mindful that if you're ever snippy or if you're ever, you know, aggressive, and that can happen in any we're all humans. Exactly. But if you let those little things go over time, it degrades the relationship and it really causes big problems. And we unfortunately know this from our own personal lives.


Absolutely. And you know, they, those little things can grow and create negative momentum. And what we're actually talking about with the bam is creating positive, positive there's little things that build over time, just like the negative things can that you use to get where you want to go. Obviously, a bam, as a positive in this case. Now having said that,


we said those are small little steps. Let's be real clear. There's a place for big lifts, but it's usually those big Herculean lifts that get people stuck and they don't make progress with. And that's why we're advocating for things like the bam, those small steps that you can consistently do low barriers to entry, but they built, they create momentum over time that carry you to the goal.


You're wanting to reach the top of the mountain, Think of it like you're physically training. And if you're physically training and doing strength training, it's not about like walking into the gym one day and lifting this huge, huge, huge weight one time and boom, you're done. No, of course not. Right. You have a lot of the works.


You have to go to the gym really regularly. And you're lifting weights that are, you know, definitely, But in a healthy way and productive way in a growth way. And it does. I found the bam and being really focused, helped me become more focused on the forward stepping things and less focus on the draining things. You know what I'm talking about?


Like if you're getting into comparison mode or you're spending way too much time on social media, kind of getting down in the dumps about how you're not as good as that person or this person exactly. Or you're looking at your bank account compulsively, and you're kind of like, Oh, I still don't have any more money in there. Or you're checking your email compulsively because you're hoping that maybe you might get somebody sending you an email wanting to become your client.


I get it. Right. And the thing is is that those little tasks don't really move you forward. I'll tell you what moves you forward. Being on social media regularly, consistently sending emails regularly, frequently hosting masterclasses and challenges regularly, right? It's what you're doing with regularity. That's going to have the biggest impact on your business. And that's what a bam is.


It's frequent, consistent action, small actions that can build over time. You can actually then layer those bands and the movie further up your mountain. And here's another thing is, is that if you're layering those bands, it's like, you know, you've got one habit that you've built real good consistency about, and you're feeling very solid in it. Then you add another habit and another habit and another habit now,


something that happens. And this happens for us too, is sometimes you, you layer it like one of those Jenga towers and it starts to topple and it feels like everything is going to fall apart. So my encouragement to you is when you feel like there's that weeble wobble, stop adding layers. Don't add more weight until you stabilize. In fact, take a few layers off.


Maybe you have to do a little rebuild. And that's absolutely the case. It's not about suddenly having to build the BAMS to go fast. It's about building them stable for consistent and frequent building over time. If you get to that point where it's wobbling, like Amanda said, you've built too far, back off a little bit lower the bam, a little bit lower the expectations a little bit until you're stable again,


and then rebuild. You can even apply the bam to projects. So for example, a lot of coaches come to us and say, Oh my website, my website's been a thing forever. And it's kept me stuck for weeks, months, years, Years, we've had students that, you know, they were stuck on their website for three years. And,


and then they, they had like this discreet effort to get it done over the course of like a week. And they just went chip, chip, chip, chip chip. And they chipped at it every day. But with a lot of consistency and they got the thing done, right? So my, my ask of you this week is what can you do to get more done?


What is the bam? That's really gonna make a big difference and we're not talking about massive declarations. In fact, I want you to go micro. I want you to go tiny. I want you to go so small that someone else might not notice it, but you will. And you're going, and you're going to build some consistency with it. All right.


Get out there, get it done. Let's change the world. See you later. Hey, Amanda, here. Be sure to tune in for our next crush method show by following us on www.amandakaufman.net/blog, or you can look up The CRUSH Method on the YouTube that the Facebooks of the Instagram and on Twitter, we'll see you next time.


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