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Reboot! Ready Or Not (Restarting After A Hiatus)

 Sometimes the hardest thing to do is simply start - or re-start, and in this episode that’s exactly what we’re talking about…

This very blog has been through several iterations over the years, and we’re back, updated, with a new format that’s personal and perfect for following along with what’s new, what’s changing, what’s growing and evolving with building a multi-7-figure company…

But even with the lessons of growth, it’s always coming back to those first principles, the foundations, again and again, that the quantum leaps happen.

This week I’m sharing what has made the biggest impact in my business lately, and that’s tapping into the power of momentum - without perfection.

Come learn more in this week’s episode of The Coach’s Plaza Show.

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Reboot! Ready Or Not (Restarting After A Hiatus)

Transcript of Podcast - May 10, 2022

Hey, Amanda here. And I have been thinking about rebooting my blog for far too long, which is why I'm not thinking about it. I'm just doing it. So with the blog, you know, I've done all kinds of different formats. I've done face to camera, I've done things with Chris. I've done recaps of other trainings. And what I've really just wanted to do for the longest time is just talk to you,

you know, talk to you about what I'm working through when I'm thinking about what I'm working on and what I'm learning and how I'm growing. So where I'm headed now with this experience with this video blog is really just a conversation and I hope you like it. I hope you're into it. I hope that it is something that you find entertaining, educational or conversational,

and that's the vibe that I'm going to go with. I just realized, as I was sitting here, I'm in my workout clothes. I'm with my hair, not washed the way that I want it to be washed and with no makeup on that. I really have been thinking about this way too long and contemplating this far too much. And, you know,

so I thought I'd unpack it. I thought I'd talk about it like with you, because I'm sure you do this too. Do you do this? I'm sure you do this right. Where you were thinking about doing this thing for the longest time and you don't do it because you find yourself just in this merry-go-round pattern. And what I do when I'm in a merry-go-round pattern is exactly this when I catch it.

And honestly, that's the hardest part is catching it. When I catch it, I just say, stop, like stop it and jump forward, search forward and stop the perfectionism muscle from stopping you from moving forward. Now I find it so funny that I'm even describing it as perfectionism, because if you've watched any of my social media, any of my content,

you know, that I very rarely get the app with makeup. You, you probably have seen me be a hot mess talking into my camera all the time. So maybe it's surprising to hear that perfectionism stops me all the time, but I'm telling you that if you're in a merry-go-round of thought pattern stalling out from taking action, that is perfectionism, that is textbook perfectionism.

And it's when you're caught in the thought of, you know, what is this going to look like? Or how could this look like? Or what should this look like? And that's honestly what I've been going through. So with this blog, like what I've been wanting to do with it for the longest time is just talk to you. And, and I've been struggling so much with like,

what's the right format. What should I be talking about? How can I make it more entertaining? And I just, I just decided today that I was like, you know what, I'm going to make it up as I go, maybe I'll change the background. Maybe I'll get better camera equipment, or maybe I'll set up better sands or better lighting or better this and better that that is classic perfectionism is when you're visualizing all the things you could do without actually doing anything.

And if I'm really thinking about it, that visualizing not with this, this excitement leads to a lot of disappointment. You know, I really love feeling enthusiastic about what I'm doing, what I'm building, where I'm headed, where I'm going, and it's hard to feel enthusiastic when you feel stuck, you know, and that's a big reason why one of my absolute favorite quotes of all time I paraphrase from Voltaire is don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

And I'm going to give props to Gretchen Rubin who wrote in the happiness project. That's where I picked that up from was one of the very first personal development books that I really picked up and read and really integrated was don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good and that one piece of wisdom. That one piece of advice has been such a huge,

just massive, massive, massive mantra for me, because what happens when I get into action, when I just pick up the damn camera or I, you know, pick up the phone or I send the email or I pick up the pen, whatever that creation thing is, or the communication outreach thing is that whatever that thing is that I dare to do whenever I dare myself to do the thing,

just parking the imperfection, parking the, you know, wow, you know, this is not right. This the judgment, honestly, it's the judgment when I, that awful judgment mechanism that we all have. And I certainly have just like anybody else when I can get past that and I can get into the momentum, I can not even begin to tell you how many times I look back on what I executed.

And I go, that's not as bad as I thought it was going to be, or that's not as scary as I thought it was going to be, or, wow, I got more out of that than I thought it was going to get a perfect example of this was I actually got selected to be in a movie recently. So I'm really excited.

I'm going to be featured in a movie coming up soon. I'm going to tell you more about that later, but that, that whole screening process, I totally thought about it in a perfectionistic way. For the longest time, I kept seeing all these opportunities to audition for this movie and I didn't go for it, even though I was like, wow,

it would be so cool. I can totally see myself doing this. It's really speaking to me. I still didn't put my hat in because I was getting trapped in that perfectionistic stinking thinking. And I, one day I just decided don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good stop it. You know, that's the internal dialogue, stop it, just stop it and do your best.

Oh my God. You know, this whole conversation is so cliche, but cliches are often true. That's why they are cliches. You know, I, I wish I wish that the cliches were not, you know, it's true, but I'm telling you what, they're cliches for a reason. And when I applied for that role, the thing is,

is I just parked it. I had so much judgment when I did the application for that role, I had to tell personal stories and it was very uncomfortable. It was like, why should we pick you kind of stuff? And you know, that was extremely uncomfortable too. Right? You know, my story is my transformation and really put that pen to paper and say an advocate for why pick me and you know,

that that was an extremely grounding and humbling experience. Believe it or not. And I just went for it and I realized like, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. I felt called to do this particular project because this particular project was all about showing women that you can be very successful and you don't have to let the fact that you're a woman.

Let the fact that you're a mother, let, let any of your current present hold you back from success. And that mission spoke to me so loudly at like a core level that I felt like my perfectionism of holding back on what my story was, because I felt like it was too small. I felt like it was kind of stupid. I felt like there were so many other people in this world that are so much more qualified for this opportunity.

The thing was is that I'm sitting there and I'm thinking Gabba. I don't know that they're going to take the time to actually tell the story. I don't know that they're going to be as passionate about the storytelling that I'm going to be. And I said to myself, I was like, I'm just going to play full out. And recently I heard about Jim Carey doing a commencement speech where he talked about his father who was really passionate about playing the saxophone.

Ironically enough, my own biological dad was also a saxophone player just as an aside. But his, his Jim Carey's dad never pursued his passion full out. And instead he chose to become an accountant because that's a safer path. And what happened was in his forties, his dad got laid off because the company division dissolved and his dad never really found a good position ever again,

as an accountant. And the lesson there is, is that you can fail at something you hate. You can fail as something that is not your passion, just as much as you can fail as something that is your passion. So why would you not pursue something that you really love? And so when I decided to apply for this movie, I was like,

just leave it on the field, play a fault, play full out. Like the worst thing that can happen is they send me a email or even ignore the application. And I hear nothing ever again, like, to me, that was the worst thing that could happen is, is that I, I play full out. I tell all my stories and they look at it or ignore it and they go,

Hmm, she's too small potatoes, right? She's not, she's not who we're looking for. Or maybe even the worst thing worse than that. What's worse than that. They laugh, they laugh at me or they criticize, or they look at it and they, they S they send me a nasty thing and say, who do you think you are?

Like, anybody would really do this thinking this for polite society. Right? But like, maybe the worst thing was they, they send me it a more nasty communication that says, how dare you apply? And who do you think you are? Which like, nobody would really ever do that. But I decided I made up my mind. I was like,

well, even if they did the super worst, most awful agregious thing like that, which they probably would never do. But even if they did, I was like, I, I feel so passionately that the women should know that they can change their circumstances super incredibly, that they don't need to feel confined by the role of being a mom, that they should view that as being a super power.

I felt so passionately about the project that I was like, I'm going to take that chance. I'm going to take the chance that they're going to think I'm silly. I'm going to take the chance that they're going to ask too much of me. I'm going to take the chance that it's not going to work out. I'm going to take the chance. I'm going to have egg on my face.

I'm going to take the chance that this is a scam. I'm going to take a chance on it because I really believe in what they're doing here. And I would support it anyway. And so I think what I'm really saying is is that when you're going for something, I think a lot of the times when we don't go for something, it's because we're not really clear how that something aligns to our true values and aligned.

So like what we really want. And so then we don't as passionately go for the thing, because it doesn't make sense to take on the risk. But for this particular project, I was like, damn, you know, like this really speaks to me. This calls me, it keeps pulling at me and you know, I'm, I'm not religious,

but I am spiritual. And I just felt like this pole in this damn pole, I kept seeing the ads for the call to apply for this. And I was like, yeah, I know there's retargeting and stuff like this, but my mind just wouldn't put this idea down. So I was like, you know what, gotta go for it. And he got us up letting this perfectionism,

this judgment that you have for yourself, not being good enough, not being strong enough, not being accomplished enough, not being enough, stand in the way of you doing something that you believe in. And the worst thing that can happen, like I said, is like such a survivable thing. And I think that that was one of the big reasons why I turned on the camera today is like,

oh my God, I haven't been thinking about coming back to this blog and changing the format, changing what it looks like, because I believe that as a, as a coach, you know, we have a duty and responsibility and obligation to continue to develop ourselves, develop our businesses, develop our programming, develop our offerings, develop our, like everything.

You know, if you're not growing and developing as a human and as a leader and just in everything that you're doing, what the hell are you doing? Building a coaching business? You know, it's one thing if you're building a, I don't know, a plumbing company or something like that. And it's like, you know, how often have toilets changed in the last hundred years?

You know what I mean? I mean, they changed actually quite a bit. Maybe toilets was a bad example, but you know what I'm saying? Like there's different industries where, where maybe it's okay to not be as committed to your growth and development. Toilets was actually a super bad example because they have those high efficiency toilets now, but I'm sure there's other industries where it's okay maybe to take your foot off of that development pedal.

And the thing is, is that with the conversations I wanted to have every week here in the coaches, pause a show had wanted it to evolve to something else. I wanted it to evolve to a conversation that was more organic, was more connected and was, was more conversational because honestly, those are the podcasts I really enjoy listening to. Those are the ones that I like to plug into every,

you know, every day when I'm going for my walk outside. And those are the ones that, you know, I, I really appreciate. And I tend to learn the most from are the ones that are far more conversational in nature. So not, not crapping on anything that we've produced in the past. I just felt like there was a big need for a change.

And you know, something I regret is that I just didn't jump in to making that change. I actually sat for months not producing this show because I got stuck in a perfectionistic loop of like, well, what's that next chapter looking like? And I got out of flow with it. And I think what I really needed to do was turn the damn camera on and start talking.

And I feel like, I feel like that's true for most of us. So back here, and that's what we're going to be doing from here is we're just gonna, we're just gonna make this up as we go along my name's Amanda Kaufman, I'm the founder of the coaches Plaza. I'm all about getting into action, doing what matters and I'm happy to be back.

We'll see you. Oh, Hey, I almost forgot if you enjoyed this conversation. Do me a favor and go ahead and leave a review. And if you haven't already subscribe to this podcast and go ahead and follow us on social media, you can follow me on Instagram at the Amanda Kaufman, the Amanda Kaufman on Instagram, or you can go find us on [email protected]

That's coaches E S plaza.com. And you can come join our free Facebook group, where we've got tons of training that you can get absolutely free and share this podcast and the content with three of your like-minded coaching friends. One of the things that's going to lift our coaching industry is if coaches can feel far more permission to just show up as they are and connect with people authentically and just do the thing and do what matters.

So thank you so much for listening today, and I will see you in a future episode.


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