Our Tiny Hybrid Formula: Higher Value Programs That Don’t Take Forever To Launch

It took me FOREVER to launch my first program.

I told myself that I was “measuring twice and cutting once” and that I would do a better job if I just took more time to prepare.

Being real? It still sucked.

There are things that you just won’t learn until you actually do the work… and getting a program up and running is actually a lot faster to do than most people think. They *think* the same thing I thought… more planning and contemplation = better results, right?


In a coaching business, sales loves speed. Meaning, this industry is mature enough that if you sit on an idea for a week or two, suddenly, someone else has already run with it, and those people you might’ve helped…

Well, they’re working with that other guy.

Instead, we always get to market as fast as we can, so we can learn faster what people actually want so that we can optimize our programming to get better results, and therefore, get in the game faster. Our favorite way? Tiny Hybrids. That’s what we’re talking about in this episode.

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Our Tiny Hybrid Formula: Higher Value Programs That Don’t Take Forever To Launch

Transcript of Podcast - April 2, 2021

Hey, Hey, have you been growing your to-do list, but not your coaching business? If so, then listen up. My name is Amanda Kaufman and you're listening to the crush method show. This is our weekly show where we share tips, tricks, tools, strategies to get your coaching business launched into the stratosphere. We love helping great coaches get great clients using online strategies and systems,

because we believe that if more coaches behaved like the CEO of their coaching business, they would get a whole lot further. Now we just finished wrapping up a training in our free group. The coaches Plaza, you can check it out at wwwdotthecoachesplaza.com, where we talked about a strategy that helped me get in the game. You see, I had been a consultant for over 10 years for one of the world's biggest consulting firms.

And along the way, I developed a lot of soft skills as a coach, as someone who would help you identify what you could do about your situation or new ways to think about how you could move forward and forward your action. I've had a lot of change in my life, and it's not any wonder that I became a coach because I love pursuing personal growth.

I love pursuing positive change and I love helping other people to do it too. It wasn't very long in my coaching journey when I started to want, you know, feel the pull to want to do this full-time in my own business. But the problem was that I had a lot of ideas and not a lot of action. You see, I was completely overwhelmed by all the different things I could do. At the time

I wasn't totally committed to being a coach. I mean, I could have been a course creator. I could have been a speaker, an author. There were so many things I wanted to be to help people step into the change that they were able to pursue, right? The change that they are truly already empowered to go after. I wanted more people to see it,

and I wanted more people to do it. And not much has really changed in that regard. But as I got into the journey, I realized something. You know, people don't generally hire a coach unless they already have a lot of knowledge about what a coach already is. So that's why coaches tend to hire other coaches because we're kind of an insular crowd.

We tend to hang out with each other a lot. And so we tend to hire each other, you know, because all things being equal, people hire their friends, all things not being equal. People still hire their friends. What I had to learn was that people don't hire coaches per se typically, but they definitely invest in transformations, right? Just stay up late one night and you'll see the infomercial.

And it's, it's selling you on a transformation. Maybe it's transforming that cluttered closet or transforming your waistline or transforming your relationship or transforming your business or transforming your finances or transforming your look. People invest in transformation all the time. So all I had to do was figure out how do I make the transformation clear? And that changed everything. I launched into this new way of thinking about things.

Instead of thinking, I need to sell a course or I need to sell coaching. I asked myself, well, what's the transformation. And I was using conversations that I was having with people around me already. You know, it was in coaching certifications. I was doing a lot of complimentary sessions. I was having a lot of conversations and the conversation that kept coming up over and over again was how do I master my productivity?

And that was something that I felt very comfortable talking about. I am a mom of four, I'm married, I'm a career girl. You know, I've got all the things that I want to do. I'm a, do it all, have it all kind of a gal. And the way I do as much as I do is I'm very organized with my time.

I'm very organized and clear about what I want to accomplish. In other words, I've got really good productivity skills. So I decided to pack up those productivity skills into a new program that I call a tiny hybrid. So a tiny hybrid is basically where you've got a few lessons like five. I'm not talking about dozens and dozens of lessons that teach somebody how to go from a,

to B to C, but maybe it's not the whole journey. Maybe it's just getting started on the journey. That's what my program was. And then what makes it a hybrid is I offered coaching with it. So by doing these two things together, making the course not so big that I would never get to it, that I would never get it done,

but rather making it something I could complete in an afternoon and packaging it with the interaction and the accountability of coaching made it a very valuable little program. So I sold that program and I made back my investment in the software and I proved myself something very important. When people understand the transformation and they want that transformation and they have motivation for that transformation. They'll step into that transformation and they will want to invest in a great program.

A tiny hybrid is a great way to get in the game. And you know what, by learning how to do a tiny hybrid, I was able to take that same concept and apply it to different topics, different subjects, and have lots of clients and generate over seven figures in revenue off this one, single strategy. Now I talk about it a whole lot more in our group,

The Coach's Plaza. And I hope you'll come check it out because we would love to get to meet you. And we have trainings that go into much more depth around topics, just like this. And we hope to see you in the coaches Plaza real soon.


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