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Movement And Your Non-Health Goals


No matter what your goals are, no matter what you want to achieve, no question, your movement will be a big part of whether you will have the energy to achieve your goals...


This week in The CRUSH Method Show we’re discussing Movement And Your Non-Health Goals, which happens to be one of Chris’s all-time favorite discussion topics!.


Whether you’re already in great heath and fitness, or you have some room to improve, you won’t want to miss this week’s discussion, especially if hitting your 2020 goals is at all on your radar. In this episode we discuss:


  • Why physical goals are often ignored in favor of career, intellectual, and social goals
  • The devastating consequences of deprioritizing physical wellness over time
  • The surprising connection between physiology and our mood
  • What happens when Chris doesn’t get his daily fix
  • Amanda’s surprise physiological focus she never dreamed of needing to focus on (and was make-or-break for the coaching business!)
  • What to do if you aren’t physically perfect and you want to coach others


Physiology is an area that requires extra intention for many people (especially with over 60% of Americans now facing obesity) and doesn’t have to be the reason you stop serving, stop getting after your goals, or lower your quality of life.


This episode isn’t about achieving 6-pack abs or doing it for aesthetic reasons… it’s about supporting your mind and spirit as you get after your goals. 


Step one: sleep. You must be well rested to achieve your greatest ambitions, and for the world’s highest performers that typically means going to bed earlier and getting up much earlier in the day.


Another small adjustment that brings big results in improving your health is improving your hydration… Drinking more water is certainly a big part of that solution, but also increasing veggie and fruit intake can improve hydration as the body breaks down the fibers of the vegetables to release water into the body more slowly.


Finally, managing your nutrition, not only what is consumed, but the frequency and quantities. While we aren’t here to offer you specific nutritional advice, we do encourage and recommend that you work with professionals to understand your specific needs and focus on improving your diet if it’s an area of struggle for you.


The important thing as you focus on improving your physiology is to keep at it. Everyone, regardless of their current ability or fitness levels can benefit from optimizing for more energy to bring to their goals, to their families, and to their clients.


Don’t miss this week’s episode, and join in the conversation. Don’t forget to subscribe!








Movement And Your Non-Health Goals

Transcript of The CRUSH Method Show - February 20, 2020


Hey, welcome to the CRUSH Method Show. My name is Amanda Kaufman. I'm Chris Lavelle. Today. We're gonna talk about kind of a funny subject for business or for, you know, performance. We've been talking a lot about, you know, our mood and psychology. And we choose this one, yes we did tease this one. It's the physicality of your performance. Yeah, you're you're not just a separate mind and body. I mean, it's all part of the same package here. So what you do to your body does affect your mind,


and vice versa. I believe it or not, I struggle with this, and honestly, it's the biggest reason why I even struggle with my weight and all of that. I'm pretty open about that and that for years like my life up until you know, much more recently, I really prized my intellect and my mind. And, you know, it's it's what inside is inside that counts as a cz being kind of paramount. We treated it like a brain in a box and a brain in a box and dissociated the rest of it.


And the truth is, is that they are super super intertwined, just like he said, I know it sounds cliche, but it's so so super true. So we wanted to talk about physicality today and how that affects your performance and some kind of surprising ways that it can show up specifically if you happen to be an expert or coach, because we tend to work with a lot of experts and coaches. So the 1st 1 I got to give this one to Chris because the 1st 1 and when you're talking about physical,


we thought a topic of interest might be exercise or the gym, for example, things like that. And it's a lot of different things for different people, so there's a lot of different ways to fill this. But at the end of the day, as I said earlier, it's not a separate brain and a separate body. It's all part of the same system. So what you do to that physical body, whether it's exercise or nutrition or whatever like that, affects how those systems interact with the brain housing your mind where all your thoughts and emotions take place at.


So if you really abuse the body, for example, and don't take care of it, well, that will have an impact on cascading systems until it hits your brain and ultimately your thoughts and mood. And so when we talk about things like the gym, the reason we encourage exercise or the gym things like that is because that helps force the body to do the things that it's evolved to do, which is ultimately take care of that brain and encourage your body to live longer and continue to develop other little babies and things like that.


Hey, that that's how revolutionary work. That's exactly it. So, you know, we're saying gym. So Chris has got a bit of a gym habit, a little bit that he's had for a long time,


almost the end of four decades. Now it's zero. Congratulations. I'm not sure that's a congratulations, but thank you.


Oh, I'll take that now. It is a congratulations. I mean, most people really don't have that as a as a big feature of their life now.


And you know what I've noticed in, you know, living with you for the last while is the times when you don't prioritize that physical movement,


whether it's going for a walk or, you know, going to the gym and working out with some intensity.


It really does show up in our relationship issues and how we're engaging jiggles your energy level like it's it's really quite profound the difference that it makes when you when you have it or you don't have it.


Now I mean, you can totally take it to an end degree, which is probably a little more your situation.


And I have done that at times. Yeah, that's actually a really good point because you don't find one exercise pattern and do it forever from the rest of your life.


I'll say more about that. It'll it'll vary depending upon where you are health wise at a given point time,


you have a cold. Maybe you're a little older than you were in the past. Things like that,


which seems to happen, all of us. So your needs exercise wise may change from time to time.


Just my circumstances you're in Whether you slept well, whether you've eaten while the stress you're under, things like that will vary both what you need and what you should honestly do at a given point in time.


So definitely don't assume that this is oh, well, I can't do it perfectly. I'm just not gonna go.


That's not the case we're talking about here. Any kind of physical exercise that causes your systems to operate and the way they were designed and involved operate that's beneficial for the body.


And that's ultimately going to help brain that houses your mind. Now I'm gonna add another little little pointer here because we work a lot with people in personal development who are helping other people with their personal development.


And so often I hear this issue with congruence. See, right, like I don't have six pack abs and so I can't coach anybody.


And the thing is, actually, you all have six pack APS o. That's all of you have,


um, so let me give you that freedom. Everybody's got the same abs. Except for Batman. He's got nine,


but everybody's got six abs or eight, actually, technically, and so by all means, you all have them.


Give yourself that break and recognize, though that not everybody's gonna look the same. But that's okay. I don't have a visible eight pack.


Not anymore. Not anymore did when we met just saying, but I think I think what I'm saying here,


too, is that it can't be a point of congruence. E for a coach, for an expert that when you're talking about life and performance and all this kind of thing,


and then at the same time you got a Doritos, have it or you're you're not making the effort to go to the gym.


I think I want to really tread carefully here because obviously that's something that I have been vocal about, you know,


in my journey. But I think the main thing is to re commit to it, and whether that's going to a class or,


you know, doing yoga or going for a walk. Whatever it happens to be for you is just making it a priority.


Well, absolutely. And nobody has to take it to extremes necessarily. In fact, you could be perfectly healthy and to someone else.


You may appear overweight, but as long as your biometrics are healthy and the long term prognosis for how you're treating your body is good,


well, then I think you're probably going in a better direction than if you weren't doing those things. And that's something to consider.


What is perfect for someone else may be very different for another. And there's a whole host of factors that influences that far too many honestly for the average person even take into consideration.


So instead, what I would encourage you to do with things like exercise is to help you feel better.


Yeah, if it's not helping you feel better in your body and helping your body obviously operate better. Well,


then maybe you should consider. Is that the right thing to do? Am I going too far or not far enough?


That's like this. Like Nike, right? Just do it, just do it. It's some kind of action and be open to exploring and changing it,


depending upon your needs. Yeah, that's a great point. Now there's There's another physical element that I was like,


Oh my gosh, we have to talk about this and that's your voice. Like poor Chris. He's trying to keep up with trying to hide right here and drink a lot of water.


Yeah, it's tis the season for dealing with these kinds of things. I did not fully appreciate when I was starting this business,


how important it was going to be to master regulating my voice. Absolutely. When you're doing a lot of talking like this and you're speaking a lot of microphones.


You gotta be able to manage and modulate your voice both not only for effect, but longevity is, well,


longevity like that was the thing that really blew my mind. I knew that there was definitely something to the quality of a voice as being ah really important instrument for being effective and communication.


I knew that when I didn't understand or fully appreciate was Oh, my gosh, this is my money maker.


My voice is literally, ah, critical element of my business. If this thing, if this puppy goes,


if I run out, then we've got problems. So I have to be very, very mindful about the voice.


I actually received coaching from one of the world's the world's best vocal coach, apparently from Roger Roger. I am not going to say that's the dude is fabulous.


You should definitely take one of his programs, no questions asked, but But I did do a little bit of work with Roger,


and he helped me learn to pull my voice box down because I I'm a bit of a nerd, so I kind of took on a lot of that.


A lot more. Yeah, quite kind of qualities. But what was happening was my voice box was pushing up too high,


and then my vocal cords were getting not pinched, but over inflamed because they were getting strained. And so I would I would really encourage you to go much deeper on learning about how the vocal cords work and how your voice works and just a couple of things t help you with that one is vocal warm up exercises.


Seriously, Look up! Roger Love. Thank me later. This hydrate hydrate that's huge. You have to hydrate,


and a lot of people hydrate as they're speaking. That's too late. You need to be hydrating. Let's say you've got a big event or something that's coming up.


You need to be hydrating well the day before because it's it's having the were already in the cells in your body.


That's gonna make a big difference. It's, you know, it's kind of too late after your vocal cords have already been pulled down the third piece.


So so the voice is really important. The third piece that we wanted to make sure we talked about today and I have an example of this.


Your immunity now, having said that, I'm in pretty decent shape for a guy my age, but I'm still subject to the viruses and bacteria around us,


just as everybody else is. Even though I do a lot physically to try and optimize myself, you're still gonna get sick.


But there are still things that you can do to try and optimize your immunity. And those are things like sleep well,


eat nutritiously, hydrate. Well, is Amanda mentioned just a moment ago? Those air absolutely things you can do to help boost your body's natural immunity and give it a chance to do what is designed to do is a body which is keep everything working and functionally optimally.


You know, I felt like it was really important to talk about this immunity thing because when I was in corporate,


I was sick. You know, several weeks a year that didn't help the neuronal playing 46 weeks out of here.


Airplanes or gross airports or growth. I totally get that. But I think the bigger factor was hydration.


Uh, lack of movement, poor nutrition, you know, extra sugar. You know, there were all kinds of things going on that led to challenges with being able to fight off common viruses and all that kind of things.


So you get exposed all of it to enclosed space. Well, just all kinds of stuff wrong with that.


Exactly. So I bring it up also as kind of a consequence of not managing your performance. Not focusing on physicality because it can show up is Oh my gosh,


I'm too sick to right. I'm too sick to show up for my videos on to six to show for my business.


And it confirmed family affect the results that you're getting so physical, physical, physical, so underappreciated. So much cast aside,


let's put it in the centre for this week. And I hope that it really, really motivates you.


And if this helped make sure you share this episode with friend Absolutely Guys, let's just go ahead, make it real clear.


Start with the physical. That house is your brain that causes the thinking and moves to happen. If you get the physical right,


you've got a lot better chance of the rest of it working, right? Start physical. Exactly. And we're not professionals,


right? You gotta check with your doctor checked with just any kind of new regimen or new system. You definitely want to go and chat about that with your general practitioner.


So with that, we'll see you again next time. Hey there. Thanks for tuning into this week's The Crush Method Video log.


I'm Amanda Kaufman and I'm Chris Lavelle. We loved having you here. Be sure to subscribe to receive more goodies in your inbox every week and share with others you know who are eager to learn more about building their coaching and expert business.


Don't forget to leave a comment below to share your own experiences to inspire left others on this jerk and check out our podcast on iTunes called Crush Method Show so we can join you on your commute and work out.


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