Injecting Love into the World

This week on Making It Happen I’m talking about our responsibility when it comes to Injecting Love into the World.

When we get very oriented around our achievements, it is easy to become myopic on the accomplishments and feathers in our cap. That’s not a bad thing… Especially if the feather in your cap is that you are treating people in the world better than maybe you might if you weren’t paying attention to that.

This morning I had a phone call with my husband where we did a quick inventory of some of the truly horrible things that had happened to people over the weekend; and it made us both sad, and frustrated…

So I thought “what the ___ can we do about it?”

Instead of surrendering to the possibility that the world is a horrible place with bad dangerous things happening in it… Inject love into the world! If you are following this video blog, it’s because you’re a doer. You’re an action taker…

So take action today by injecting some much needed love into the world. Take special care to smile at strangers. Go ahead and find extra loving patience for your tantrum-throwing children (ha, not like I have experience there… LOL!). Get crackin’ on that volunteer opportunity to make the world just a tiny bit better because you were in it – and you were Making It Happen.

Enjoy the video.


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What’s one big thing I can do to make the world a better place?

What’s something I can do to improve the world this week?

What’s something that would inject love into the world in the next hour?

How can I love myself now? Take a breath in and enjoy this life you have. 


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