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I want to break free...

One of my favorite songs of all time is "I want to break free" by Queen. I just LOVE it. 

I feel like it's the sensation we all have...

Spinning through life wishing that we had another chance to do something different than the patterns we find ourselves wrapped up in.

And yet here we find ourselves - back in the Matrix, wrapped up in the same old patterns, back in the same old habits, in the same old cycles... and stuck in the loops that we want to break free from.

Life feels like a series of loops that we are aiming to break free from, then just getting sucked back into, over and over again, unless we have some kind of pattern interrupt that we invite in to break the loop.

Here's the rub - you're the loop creator, so you're the one that's the pattern creator and the disruptor, so guess what? The disruptors are probably just more of the same loop.

Depressing, right?

Well it can be, if you fixate on it too long. 

The desire for freedom is a universal feeling among my clients and community members in The Coach’s Plaza, a brand that I created several years ago to give people who claimed to want to help people get into new levels of consciousness to achieve next levels of performance.

But what I've realized over the past 7 years is that in order for people to really break free, really get into a new state of being, the coach isn't quite enough. 

If you want to grant freedom to others, you have to realize how free you are already.

What I didn't know until I really thought about it was that I was already free.


We confuse freedom with "having stuff".

Freedom is not having stuff.

Freedom is having choices.

So when you realize that the choices available to you are limited by previous choices that you also made, you realize your level of choice availability is really a function of your ability to calm your mind and think about it.

It's true, when you have resources or connections or predispositions you have field advantage in any sport or game, but freedom to choose and the freedom to access new thoughts is the path forward from any circumstance.

I'm not saying you can snap your fingers and get magic money and magic love overnight.

But ideas can be conceived nearly that quickly, and the first step toward those ideas can be enacted almost that quickly.

The real block to our success is generally our state of reaction and living in past created loops. We loop on the habits and patterns of thinking, over and over again, and stay in the state of suffering or drama that we're accustomed to, and tolerate that state instead of QUESTIONING it.

The quality of your life is dictated by your ability to question the loops effectively.

To CREATE new choices more often, and use those choices to ascend out of your situation.

But it also requires radical honesty, radical responsibility, and radical candor with yourself to own your past freedom that led you to freely experience your current circumstances and the new choices you get every single MOMENT of every day to walk a new path.

It takes courage to walk a new path, and most people are more comfortable with anger and rejection of encouragement to own their power...

Because it's more comfortable to receive sympathy and be the center of a sad story... but the truth is, empowered wealth, abundance, time freedom, all those things that people think of when they think of "freedom" are really a state of mind.

It's a state of ownership of state of mind.

When we lead with the mind, and embody someone who knows how abundant they really are, that person tends to do things abundant people do... and then therefore they typically have whatever it is abundant people have.

If you are in constraint, 'i can't, no one loves me, no one supports me" and you hoard your love, you are constrained in your life, no wonder no one feels your presence and supports being in more of it.

Break free by BEING free. Do something different because you decide to be someone that is different. That's it.


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