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How We Made Over 6-Figures With The Ugliest Website Imaginable

Your website for your coaching biz doesn’t have to have all the fancy bells & whistles and it certainly doesn’t have to be the most beautiful site on the web in order for you to get clients...

In fact, all of the time and energy spent on a website could be allocated to your marketing discipline to secure clients and sales!

This week, Amanda and Chris are talking about the unnecessary amount of time that gets spent on website creation and how the perfect gets in the way of the good when it comes to what is really needed to get into conversations with potential clients faster.

If you are growing an online coaching or consulting business and you are dreading the thought of having to learn coding to create your own website before you can get clients…

You won’t miss out on this discussion that’s going to show you what you need in order to connect with your clients and how to do it even with the ugliest website imaginable!

Who knows. Maybe you don’t even need a website in the first place. ;)

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Get the full vlog, transcript, and mp3 at https://bit.ly/3xVtHGY

How We Made Over 6-Figures With The Ugliest Website Imaginable

Transcript of Podcast - July 02, 2021

Well, Hey, Hey Amanda here and Chris Lavelle and you are watching the crush method show, and we are talking about how we made over six figures with the ugliest website Douglas. Oh my God. It was so terrible. It was a thing of, I look at it now and cringe. It was borad. It was just disgusting. Bora aborad.

Is that the word? Was that a Canadian Word that you just used there? It was a word that I read a lot, but I guess I don't say all that Of horrid place. Absolutely. Absolutely. It was, it was ugly. And I was going to use other words that are more colorful to describe my website. Okay. Here's the thing you need to understand.

I am a chemical engineer, book reader, spreadsheet, designing automation, whiteboard writing, document writing type of girl. So, and I, I lift heavy things and like funny shirts. Yeah. So we're not website experts. I would, you know, I fantasize every now and again. I'm like, it would be kind of cool if I was one of those throw pillow kind of people,

you know, like, like I knew, like I knew what would look good on Like an interior designer kind of thing, Like a bookshelf thing or talking about the aesthetics of design or chips. If I knew how to use paint chips. Cause like I think of paint chips. And I think about like the chips that get left behind when you scrape a wall and or as different swatches swatches,

I could get into swatches. I'm sure I'd like swatches very much, but it hasn't really been a big feature of my life. So with websites, I remember when I was launching my coaching business, everybody was just like, oh, you need to have a website. If you don't have a website, then you're just, you're really not building a real business on,

Well, it's like the certification program say, have you gotten your website done yet? They push it too often. And you know what, here's the surprise. Or maybe not a surprise if you're watching this, your website doesn't get clients. Nope. Not a one. You've had a website four plus years now. Yep. We actually have tested and researched.

Zero clients have actually come from the website. It's been hit a lot. It's been viewed a lot. People have responded to it a lot, but nobody has said, you know, I saw your website and I'm purchasing now because of the website. No, I have had people know here's, here's what I have had. I have had people say,

I've come across your website and now I'm trying to sell something to you or scan. Oh, so that's trying to sell to you because of the website. Oh, I'm Sorry. So okay. Here to be fair. You know, the website is a good tool. Once you have actually formed a relationship of some kind in, in another way, and they're doing a little bit of background research on you.

I found that to be a good use for a life coach. Now there are other types of business where a website does make a good amount of sense. And if you get to a certain size of business, I could also see the website making a good amount of sense. Maybe if you're doing two or $300,000 a month, well, that might then mean,

oh, you need a website strategy to drive you up more volume in That case. Right? So the relevance of the website and becomes much more. And I, and I would say that the website and your personal brand strategy are connected. And if you want to have longevity, probably starting a website earlier on in your strategy is a good idea in general.

But if we are talking about making sales, strictly speaking, generating revenue, finding a client or two, generating it a couple six figures a year, then the website doesn't have to play that big of a role. Absolutely. And in fact, in fact, in Fact, my, my first copy coach, so I hired a very, a very prominent copy coach to,

to, you know, teach me everything, you know, about how to be effective with online marketing. So we invested a couple quarters in learning how to be effective with online marketing. And I'm very glad and grateful that I did. But funny story, she started, she started this partnership business with her partner and she was the marketing expert and she partnered with a sales expert and they just like roll up their sleeves and got to work.

Now these two were serial entrepreneurs. So like they knew how to be a business. They like, they just got, got do it to it. Like they just jumped right in, they rocketed to a million dollars million dollars in like 10 months. It was ridiculous. Like they just, they were doing so well. And my marketing expert coach kind of turns to me one day and she goes,

yeah. So I was supposed to do the website and I forgot I kind of put it off and procrastinated and sort of forgot about it. And then it became a point of principal Point of pride, right. That you don't need the website to be very, very, very successful. And I was like, dang. And that really stuck with me.

Absolutely. It was a great example here. It was a copy coach expert in using language and messaging to help coaches sell better. And she had made a million dollars without even having a website up. It just goes to show you, you don't need the website to be successful to Amanda's point earlier. It's great to reinforce that you're a real credible business.

That's fine, but you don't need to spend weeks, months, years getting it perfect before you get into action. I think the website is a surrogate task filler. It's where people go to be perfect and not really be successful. It is, it is one of those things that you can hide behind for a really indefinite amount of time. And I know I definitely did.

I remember I built my website first. I built my website in like Wix and I really didn't like it. And then I was like, yeah, a lot of people start there because it's cheap and cheerful. And then I built it in square and I was like, oh, I really liked the templates, but I really didn't like the, I didn't really like how inflexible it was.

So I was like, okay, well now I'm going to go build my website and WordPress. Where on website, number three, you guys. And the thing is, is I was on a, I'm a chemical engineer by background and I don't know how to pick colors and fonts. Like, I don't know what I'm doing. Oh my gosh. Like,

wow. I was like, and I have a giant red beard. It's not like I have a lot of design sense Seriously though. Like, let's talk about it. Like I might as well have been wearing a blindfold the whole time. Like seriously, it was, it was not a beautiful website and no theme could have saved me. Like I just,

I, it was actually really remarkable because with WordPress, you can buy these themes and, and like, they have the, they have these like examples of what looks good. Right. It didn't save me. Like, I, it didn't say me. It's like, I buy the seams. I'm like, oh my God, that looks so good.

And I would install the theme and I would still make it not look that good. I was, I still found a way to make it ugly. And I was like, I don't know how I'm doing this, but I'm managing to make it ugly. And so, yeah. So, you know, I iterated through multiple themes on WordPress, even.

So now we're on iteration, you know, 7, 8, 9, and No Clients coming through it. And then it wasn't until I got educated on, oh wait, marketing isn't tasks that you do. And now your marketing it's done. Nope. Marketing is a strategic discipline. Ah, so it's not, once you get your website done, you've now marketed successful.

You're now done with marketing now. No, it's a process. It's actually really a process of conversation. And a website is not a conversation. It can be a useful step in reinforcing, are you a credible business? But it's not the conversation. Yeah. And you know, what's so funny is this. I was a consultant for years and I was helping companies implement technology.

And I remember as a consultant, I was always frustrated that clients would take the technology and I'd be like, yeah, but what do you want the technology to do for you? And I was always like practically begging clients to be like, stop letting the technology lead you around by the nose and like take a step back. And what are you trying to do?

And yet when it came to my own business, it was basically like what Dre theme do for me. And I would let the theme, tell me what I was going to do with my business. Was this You coach maybe. I mean, maybe you were, or people around you in the coaching world had been talking about all, I'm still working on my website.

It's not live yet. Cause it's not quite ready. Then here it is a year later or two years later, it's still not ready. There you go. It was star wars reference. You know, we actually did a whole training, not just like beating up on websites, but talking about what you can do instead and how you can move past this to create conversations that will convert into consults and conversations to create coaching clients consistently in your business.

And we just did it in the coach's Plaza, our free Facebook group. So we would just love to have you come and join us. So why don't you do that? Come to www dot the coaches, plaza.com. You can come and join us for free. And we would just love to see you there. You can come check out this training.

We've got it in the guides area, so you can watch it as a replay and you can come join us for future trainings as well. With that, we're going to go and not work on the website. We're going to go work on some other things. Hope you have an amazing day!


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