How To Wake Up To More Leads

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2021

This morning I woke up to eight more people joining my community, and I didn’t do anything except sleep in extra late after a date night with my hubby.

If you want to know:

  • Where those leads came from
  • Why they would show up when I wasn’t there to push it (i.e. I wasn’t hustlin’ in the DMs or speaking on a stage)
  • What you can do if you don’t yet have a client or aren’t ready to run ads yet

Then this quick video above shows you how... but if you're more of a reader-type, read on...

When I started my coaching business, I did it to achieve more balance in my life, and to live what I was preaching as a coach...

Being a coach entrepreneur is extra tricky, because in addition to all the pressures of being successful as an entrepreneur, you also want to do it with some kind of balance along the way!

Balance in a coaching business comes from systems and adding value before ever asking for a thing. 😊

For me, balance comes from being able to take the night off, sleep in, have lots of free time off on the weekends, or during the week, and well... a high degree of time flexibility!

My hubs Chris and I are suckers for Guy Ritchie movies…


We stayed up super late to watch his newest one. I’m also a sucker for Jason Statham. Ahhh, dreamy. Anyway, it was a LATE date night...


And I slept in!


Yet I still woke up to people wanting to join our free community, The Coach’s Plaza group. 


Looking at the folks requesting to join, I’m super excited to get to know them better, they all look like friendly and awesome people, judging by first glance at their profiles. 


No sliding into the DMs for me today, tho, we’ll chat maybe on Monday. But I’ll let them in today so they can start to enjoy some free training from the past weeks.


I didn’t do anything except roll out of bed and start the coffee maker… and hit “approve” to join the group.


And not so long ago (just a few years ago) I would be so stressed with this question... 


“WHERE am I going to find someone to talk to about how I can help them?”

Coach, if you’re serious about doing coaching that matters, it’s critical that we stop stressing about where to find leads, and get a smooth system in place that works, even while you’re sleeping.


The key to understand is that most coaching value occurs "in the coaching session", but you can't have the coaching session until you've earned the trust and rapport to get someone to the session in the first place.


The way you do that, especially online (and even offline), is you lead with value, and that value needs to initially be something that is safe and easy to consume. 


Like (meta example) this blog. Or the video. Or the podcast that's attached to this.


Altogether this content took me an hour or so to pull together, but once it's together, it continues to work for me and the coaching community it serves, while I'm sleeping (or watching another Guy Ritchie movie with Chris), and that, my friend, is what it means to build up a great system.

Want the guide I showed in the video? Grab it here: 

Listen to the expanded podcast version of this video and more episodes talking about how to build a business known for value at 

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How To Wake Up To More Coaching Leads

Transcript of Vlog - December 11, 2021


So it's a Saturday morning and I'm about to let eight people into our community that joined overnight. And I want to let you know how I managed to meet eight people while I was sleeping. After date night, overnight, eight new people ready to join. Did I meet these people? Well, most of the people that we meet online are coming from our paid advertising and we're able to pay for our advertising from a portion of the revenue that we generate from the sales that we get from our happy and successful client.


Now, wait, if you don't actually have clients just yet, don't worry. You can get started with networking, with meeting with people that you already know. Here's, what's really important. You need to have something of value to offer people. It doesn't matter if there are people that, you know, people that, you know, through people that you know,


people that are complete strangers, the key to being able to meet people and engage the beginning of a conversation, whether you're using paid advertising or you are not using paid advertising, the absolute key is that you have something of value to also, we need to be able to give people the gift. So this page is showing people that they can download the gift and why it would be such a really good idea to download the gift and all of that.


And it's just really easy to push the button and put in their information to send them the gift. So all they have to do is put the information and, and of course they have to push the button. And then on the next page, they get invited to get some great training. And of course the gift is emailed to them. And then there is a wonderful video training where surprise,


surprise. They get invited to our group, which of course redirects them to join our group. So this is a very simple example of the funnel. Now you might be thinking I can't run ads. I can't afford to run ads. That's okay. Okay. Because you can use your Lincoln bio in your Instagram. You can share the link, even on business cards from your website.


You can talk about the link in other conversations. The point isn't the ad, the point is, are you giving something that is a value that people want to have in an exchange they're giving you their contact information and inviting to that next step. Now, the fact that I was able to wake up to eight new people joining into the group was the benefit of being able to use paid advertising.


And I kinda think of, you know, the ability to use paid advertising and to be able to do that ongoing is kind of a reward for being successful at converting clients and having ongoing revenue generation in your business. And that is a really good thing, right? Is That if you're doing something that is a value, you are going to be able to generate revenue and you can use a portion of that revenue to continue to generate more revenue and continue to invest in advertising for your business,


just like any other normal business would. And I think there's a big myth in the coaching industry that you're supposed to be able to do everything for free. You're supposed to bootstrap have something for nothing. And I think that if more businesses coaching businesses and consulting businesses operated more like, I don't know a plumber or an electrician business that locally would, of course,


reasonably expect to pay for advertising and to invest in marketing their business. There would be a lot more success in our coaching industry. That's just my opinion on it. Anyway, I hope you found this video to be very helpful to just sort of show you like how having value can be a way that people are going to want to opt in and to just give you a little behind the scenes on how that automate that automation can be set up to show you how people can wind up joining you in your community,


and you can start forming some new connections.


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