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How to Strengthen Your Mindset without Messing with Mindset



I hope you won’t mind if I get a little weird with you today?

This “weirdness” is what allows some coaches to really connect with their market and be a go-to expert, even without trying...

… while the coaches who don’t get this keep banging their heads against the wall wondering why they aren’t getting results. (Does this describe you?)

Now here’s the strangest thing about those head-banging coaches:

So many of them are EXPERTS on mindset.

They know all the right things to say, but they just don’t get results.

After bruising my own head when I first started my practice, it finally hit me why:

Mindset is only one part of our own intelligence.

Our bodies are also intelligent. That’s where those moments of illuminating intuition come from.

When I combined the intelligence of my mind with the innate intelligence of my body, that’s when the head banging stopped and my coaching practice took off effortlessly.

In this week’s video, Chris and I share with you how to get the mind-body connection working for you.


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