How to Serve – And Stop People Pleasing

This week I share with you a story of my own journey as I shifted from people pleasing, to learning to give, in service…

Sometimes, doing good for others gets out of hand, and you find yourself spending too much time and energy trying to please others. Perhaps you’ve come to like the idea that people think of you in a certain way. Giving beyond your capacity may exhaust you, leaving you to feel pressured, drained, and overwhelmed.

Next time you are in the position of offering to help someone, consciously stop to think about it before you commit to doing it, and make sure it is coming from a place of service, rather than your own need for approval!

Reflective Questions:

Are you afraid that people won’t appreciate you unless you continue pleasing them? Or worse, that they’ll have no use for you if you change your behavior? 


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