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How To Know If You Have A Winning Coaching Biz Idea

Insecurity, insecurity, insecurity…

It seems to be the big issue that most coaches can award as the biggest reason for their coaching business’ growth stalling out.

Whether it’s the fear of thinking they’re not good enough or it’s being stuck in the mental cage of speculation that makes them think they can’t get past the unproductive stall that is wasting time, money, energy and opportunities to help others…

This week, Amanda and Chris are talking about how to know if you have a winning coaching business idea and how you can get that idea out of your head and into your community’s hands. Life is flying by and a lot of potential CEOs are wasting theirs away with self-doubt and the fear of just getting their ideas out there.

Don’t let fear control your and your coaching biz. Let’s dig into taking control and start moving forward with conviction/

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How To Know If You Have A Winning Coaching Biz Idea

Transcript of Podcast - July 23, 2021

Hi there. My name is Amanda Kaufman! And I'm Chris Lavelle. And you are watching the Crush Method Show. And this week we were talking about finding a winning coaching biz idea. Ah, I like that who doesn't like a winning idea? That's always lots of fun. I wasted a lot of time and a whole lot Of money. I think we all have. I know I've been there.

Maybe you too started out with some ideas that maybe weren't quite the gold and silver lining. You thought they would be. All I knew was I wanted to quit corporate and I wanted to be able to make the leap as an entrepreneur. And I also, at the same time felt really insecure about that idea because I had seen so many, you know,

statistics about small business failure. I had met a lot of people that were like, oh yeah, I'm a freelancer. I'm an entrepreneur. And they always seem to be in like high stress and lots of struggle. And I was like, oh my God, I don't Want that. I want the wedding strategy. I don't want the struggle strategy. Exactly.

I want the winning horse. Right. I'm very competitive. So I was like, I want the winning strategy. Thanks. And it did end up costing me a lot because I was investing in a lot of coaching, a lot of courses, a lot of training, a lot of weekends, a lot of evenings, a lot of late nights, more than money.

Yeah. And really I wasn't getting anywhere. I wasn't getting clarity for sure. And I was not getting that confidence of being able to say, yeah, I'm making progress Well. So what kind of change that? What were some of the strategies you use to kind of shift a little bit from that struggle to that winning strategy? I definitely had to change up the kind of mentorship that I was looking for and I had to stop being so passive about what I wanted.

What do you mean by that? I had to get out of being in total speculation all the time. And I had to be, I have to just like double dog, dare myself to get out there and get some confirmation on some of these ideas Rather than being like the thinker, just sitting there. I think this is the winning idea. Instead you had to get out of that speculation and actually do what instead Get some confirmation like one way or another.

And it was one of those things. It's so funny. Cause we watch, we watched the, the adventure movies and the series and there's almost always this character who, you know, they they're forbidden from doing something, but then their curiosity gets the better of them. And then like, I have to know one way or another, whether this will work and even if it's wrong,

I will know. And that's, what's important. And like that is very much part of the hero. Absolutely, Absolutely. The hero doesn't sit there back at the castle, safe and speculate the hero goes out and take some actions, some of which work, some of which don't, but the getting into action actually helps you get clarity and data and confirmation of gee that a good idea it goes from,

is it a good idea to, Hey, that was or was not a good idea. So at least now you can then move forward to the next idea that will at least be better than no idea at all. That's exactly right. So the, the, the whole getting into action thing has been so a part of our brand. I mean, like we call our brand the crush method.

Like it's all about getting out there. And just so we, we really do believe in getting into action and a big part of it is because I just saw it literally cost so much money and life force. And I think probably the worst part about staying in speculation for so long was that it just didn't feel good. Absolutely. It's a lot of stuck energy doesn't feel productive.

Huh. And I, I did not feel good telling myself that it was perfectionism or that I was suffering from imposter syndrome because I just, I hated taking on those kind of identities as well. Bring your energy down for sure. Very Motivating. I didn't see the productivity in that. Well, and You know what you also don't make when you're speculating and not really taking actions,

you definitely don't make a profit, which let's be honest coach, you're developing a coaching business because you want to make a profit or at least I hope that's why you're developing a coaching business. That shouldn't be while you're in business. Because if you're stuck in thinking about stuff, well, you're definitely not doing the necessary actions to grow and learn and move forward towards a profitable goal.

Exactly. So with, with all of that being said, you know, we, we did a whole training in the coaches Plaza, which, which is our Facebook group that tells you not only to get into action, get some confirmation, but it also tells you exactly how, and we even tell you how you can do productive research to do some market research,

to validate your ideas. So we really recommend that you come join us in the coaches Plaza. It is our free Facebook group. We hope to see you there. Okay. Does he assume coach all best?


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