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How To Choose Your First Program To Launch

Uncategorized May 06, 2021

Are you terrified of getting your first, or next, program launched? Are you too hung up on how to get it out to the world so you’ve been waiting for far too long to actually launch it?

If so, you’re going to want to catch this week’s episode of The CRUSH Method Show so you can trash your insecurities and get your program out there to help get results!

This week, Amanda and Chris are discussing how important it is to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good and how that mindset can really help you launch your next program.

They’re also giving great insight on what you should be your primary focus and how you probably already know what it is.

It’s funny how things come full circle and you hear them in a new way, for the first time.

Don’t miss out on this free discussion that is going to help you get over the fear of launching your next program, really getting it out the door, and helping people with true results.

Come learn more in this week’s episode of The CRUSH Method Show.

Join the CEO Coach Community at The Coach’s Plaza at www.thecoachesplaza.com 

Get the full vlog, transcript, and mp3 at https://bit.ly/3aP6ygc


How To Choose Your First Program To Launch

Transcript of Podcast - May 07, 2021

Hey, Hey, Amanda here. And Chris Lavelle. And you're watching The CRUSH Method Show. And today we're talking about how do you choose your first or next program that you're going to launch? There's a little bit of a teaser in that statement right there, but more on that as we go through. How did it begin for us? How did we get our first one out?

And why does that matter? Yeah. You know, I fantasized about starting my business for a solid five years before I actually did it. When you'd sit down in the hotel, when you were traveling, and you'd make notes, "What's my business going to be like? Oh, I'm going to have this. Oh I'm going to have that. Oh I'm going to do this."

Yeah, yeah, exactly. My, my old corporate job involved a ton of travel. And so, yeah, I was constantly scheming and dreaming and journaling and thinking about what it would be like to be an entrepreneur and the kinds of things I might teach people and all of that. And what I didn't understand or recognize anyway, at the time, was the whole time I just wanted to teach.

Yeah, well you just wanted to help people along, right? I did. And it's so funny because, you know, I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to make money on my own terms and I wanted to be a teacher and I wanted to, to, to influence people in that way. But at the time I really didn't think I had any clarity,

which is hilarious because as I'm saying it now I have total clarity about that. Hindsight's always 2020. Right? And it's so funny cause even when you look back on my history, when I was like 17 or 18 years old, I declared to everybody, I was like, "I'm going to be a teacher." I remember that. You told me about that.

Yeah. And I think at the time I thought it would be like high school teacher or something like that. And you know, I, I talked to some family members that kind of talk me out of it. So I was like, "I'm going to go into chemical engineering. I'm going to go do this other thing." Then lo and behold, you came back to now teaching people how to be successful entrepreneurs and leave maybe a career path, corporate or otherwise, that it's maybe not the path you really enjoyed and wanted to be on.

Like you had an experience with. Instead, lean forward into a path that maybe is the one you want particularly about coaching and running a coaching business. Now, I mean, I have to tell you that not having the right program in mind for what I was going to launch cost me dearly. Like it costs me time, but it also costs me a lot of money.

Absolutely. While you're trying to figure it out. And I thought there was something really wrong with me at the time. And it led me to hiring a lot of coaches before I was ready, enrolling a lot of programs before I was ready. And, and I think it was just simply because I didn't have the clarity yet about what it was

I really had to offer people. Got it. Yeah. So we actually did a full-blown training on this in The Coach's Plaza, which is our free Facebook group. And we were talking about like, how exactly do you go about this, this dilemma of taking maybe the skill of coaching, or this ability you have to teach or to help people solve a problem.

And how do you choose what your first program is going to be? Well, yeah. How do you get that first program out the door? Because we talked to a lot of coaches and a lot of coaches wind up saying, you know, I've been working on this thing for weeks, months, years, and it's just not quite perfect. Then we'll talk to them a few months later.

"Oh, how's it going?" "Oh, it's still not quite perfect." And they still haven't gotten it out the door. And that just makes us so sad. So sad. Cause they still haven't gotten their baby out into a world. I know. I know. And I guess that's why I'm so passionate about helping people now, because I do remember what it was like,

you know? It did feel a little like you were pregnant with this idea, but it was like, you didn't have a due date. I can't imagine being pregnant without a due date. Oh my gosh. Go on and on in perpetuity in that case, we don't want that for you coach. We want you to get into action and have success.

And so that kind of led to some realizations. Yes. I think like further down the path, here's what I would tell myself back in all those journaling sessions and all of the agony that I was experiencing back then is I would, I would lovingly come back to, to myself and I would rub myself on the back. And I would say, you know,

Amanda, this is your first program. It's not going to be your last stop being so precious. Oh, there is some wisdom right there. That's a writer-downer. Absolutely. Play it again if you want, but that is a writer-downer. Yeah. This will be your first. It won't be your last. It won't be your last.

I mean, even, even if you stick with it for a good long time, you're going to do new, new versions. You're going to run new iterations. And the way the technology is these days, you can literally reshoot a video and upload it into the software in a matter of moments, like- Oh gosh, yeah. It's bananas. We do it all the time. Like if we see something that was like,

maybe we found a better way to teach something or we, uh, maybe there was accidentally a link was incorrect on a PDF or something like that. It's like we can fix it, replaced the PDF, no big deal. Like, you know, it's, it is, it is very rapid to update content these days. So, you know, it's not like you're publishing a book,

Hey, this is real life. This is real life and we're parents. So why don't you continue and I'll go help the three and a half-year-old with that tragic hangnail. All right. And we're back. So the, the, the thing is, is that it's not going to be your last, so it's not like, you know, with something like publishing a physical book,

obviously, you know, going through that whole printing process, you're going to have a very different experience than say when you're doing a live coaching program or even a course. Those things are much more dynamic because they're digital, they're in the cloud. You can change them and you will change them. And I think performance pressure keeps a lot of people from moving with their business.

I'm going to hang on for a second and I'm going to wait until Chris can come back. And this is through the magic of editing. Hollywood secrets. And he's back! Tadaaa! Hangnail crisis averted for the three and a half-year-old. Hey, it's a real moment. We're real people. Just like you guys are, we have four kids. So sometimes there's an emergency hangnail.

Yes, Exactly. And if you've ever been three and a half, you know, just how critical that is. And you know, It was actually perfect. That that happened at that moment. Talking about getting the first one out, not worrying about making it perfect because guys, that's a great example of not letting the perfect get in the way of the good. Why? Because we're still delivering real gold here on this for you.

And if you're like, "Oh wow. They had a three and a half-year-old come in." Well, then, Coach could get distracted by that. And you're never going to get your thing out there. It's so True. I mean, we actually talked before we- It's almost like we planned it, but we didn't. Well and we kind of sort of planned about leaving that bloop in there that blooper in there,

because, because we couldn't cut it out and we were like, "Well hey, I think that so much is so curated." And it was really short and there's so much, that's so curated online. I think people don't really realize just how forgiving it can be and- And how you can get into action just by doing it. Even if it's not perfect.

Exactly. Like if I was to take the video down and I go through that editing process and I cut and splice to get that out of there, that's probably going to add, you know, 20, 30 minutes to this whole process. And plus we had six minutes of really good content for you. We would lose that first six minutes and have to do it again.

Right. Exactly. So it's like, okay, do we have like 30 minutes to our day? Because we can't handle the fact that our three and a half-year-old, you know, had a hangnail and it's like- Psshhaa. You know? Like, I feel like, push on. You should push on. That's right. That's pretty punny.

Yeah. We should push on. Get that first one out, even if it's not perfect. So you can get better. Exactly. Now on this next point, I'm going to encourage you to go check out the training in The Coach's Plaza Facebook group. And there should be a link around this video to go and check it out. We were talking about like,

how do you identify if you're kind of a Jack of all trades? If you're one of those multi-passionate people, how do you find out like what the best thing to run with is? And so we went with into it and a whole lot more detail in that training. But what I will say here is instead of thinking like, "I only have to do one thing and that's the one thing I'm ever going to be allowed to ever do forever."

And you're locked in and you're locked in forever. What, what that tends to do is that tends to lock up our thinking and it tends to cause you to either avoid making a decision, she keeps you super stuck and then a lot of distraction, or you end up trying to get, you know, I was just actually thinking about Noah's arc. And, and I was just started thinking about like trying to put all the animals in the boat.

All of them. And it's like, I'm gonna put home my passions In the boat, like all of them into the boat at the same time. And it's like- Then you're putting so much in it still never gets done. Yeah. Yeah. Except yeah. The difference is that arc floated, floated, and this one won't float. So, you know,

there's more kind of deeper discussion on it, but I will say this. Instead of thinking in terms of like one and only one, think about the next one, you know, to just take a lot of the steam, the pressure off and just think about what's the next one. And maybe it's the next one you're going to trial for the next 60 to 90 days.

Don't think of it as being like this big lifetime commitment if you're not ready for that level of commitment. Not years, but just a few weeks or so. A few months. Yeah. And Chris shared a really great like life metaphor of our dating that- Cause we're married, but before we were married, we were dating. Really drove that home, which I am not going to put on our public blog,

but you can definitely go check it out in the group. You can go get in the group. Yeah. So I think kind of the final thing is, is just make sure that whatever you do with this, this program, either, whether it's your first program or your next program. Always, always remember it's about other people. Absolutely. And it's about them getting an outcome.

It's so funny after all this learning and all this growth and development and all the things that I've learned about becoming a coach, being a coach and all of this kind of thing. I actually knew this before I ever started my entrepreneurial journey. It's funny how things come full circle and you hear them though in a new way for the first time. It's so true.

So before becoming a coach, I was a consultant and I worked for one of the biggest consulting firms in the world. And these big companies would hire that big company to come in and improve their processes and help them get more value out of their business. And as a consultant, I knew that they only hired us to get more value out of their processes and they didn't really care what the process was

exactly. They just had to know they were going to get more value out of it. We had to prove that the value was there. That was what we had to do as consultants. It's not different as a coach. You have to make sure that what you are doing is going to help somebody get an outcome. An actual result. Yeah, so it's kind of funny.

I kind of knew that going in, but I sorta forgot, I guess, along the way. Sometimes you got to relearn those things in a whole new way. Yeah. I had to relearn it as an entrepreneur and I was like, "Oh yeah, that is true. That is true." So it's just kind of a universal principle of business, whatever you do, your program,

it's not just about making people feel good, it needs to do good. It needs to actually help them accomplish something. So get the whole training at The Coach's Plaza group. We can't wait to meet you and see in there. Well have a great day and we'll see you really soon. All the best, Coach! Bye MWAH!


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