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How I Unlocked a 6-Figure Mindset Before Finishing Certification


It’s no surprise that business-building takes tenacity and effort, but what if you ARE working hard…


But you aren’t yet getting the kind of results that you were hoping for. :(


I’ve got a really strong work-ethic, and in my experience of working with the serious, CEO Coaches that we tend to attract in The CRUSH Method, “work ethic” is rarely the real issue at play.


Yet it can be so frustrating to know that although you work harder than the average bear, a result like I was trying to achieve (namely, replacing my corporate income with a coaching business) was tough


Tough enough that there were plenty of moments of doubt about whether I’d really be able to make the leap after all.


Spoiler alert - I did make the leap.


In fact, I attracted over 6-figures of revenue into my coaching practice before I finished my coaching certification which tells me one thing…


It’s possible.


I’m hardly the first coach to have done that, by the way. There are plenty of examples of successful entrepreneurs who beat the odds and made the thing happen.


The question is, have you already made up your mind that you’re going to be in the successful few, or have you resigned yourself that you are going to stay in the struggling many?


The decision to struggle is the default, and frankly, it’s contagious. Even in expensive programs and masterminds, I’ve seen it again and again…


The decision to succeed is often contingent on proof… Instead of having a blind, dumb faith in your ability to figure things out.


Maybe I had some advantages, or maybe I just figured something out that I noticed a lot of other entrepreneurs talked about in their books, keynotes, and podcasts.


If you decide to be successful, then rise to the task, you’re far more likely to get there.


Watch this week’s episode of The CRUSH Method Show to get a candid answer to a community member’s question, you won’t regret it. 



How I Unlocked a 6-Figure Mindset Before Finishing Certification

Transcript of Vlog - Sept 03, 2020


What was your key to success in landing those six figures while you were getting your CPC? Oh my gosh. Oh, the keys to the success. I would say that the main thing, the prerequisite to it all was, I had to decide that I wasn't going to settle for failure. And I know that sounds hokey, and I know that that sounds goofy.


I get it. It's cliche. Sure. I'm just telling you that. It literally was. I had to decide that failure was not an option. And so for me, I had been kind of puttering at starting my business for months, for months and months. And I was like in this putter putter putter, and I was, I knew that my goal was to replace a multi six figure coaching or sorry,


multi six figure consulting career. That was a corporate career. And I was getting, I was used to getting paid like $6,000 every two weeks sweet deal. Right. It was a, it was a good deal plus bonuses and like benefits and all of those kinds of stuff. So I had like a chunk of change that I was wanting to replace and I kept dabbling at the business and I kept kind of,


I'm not playing a business, but I was definitely dabbling and was trying to find hacks. And I, and I, what really made the difference is when I decided that I was going to turn pro and that it was gonna happen, I was going to be one of those people who left their corporate job that made, you know, six figures in coaching a year.


And my first goal was to make a hundred thousand dollars. And originally it was going to be in a year. And then the decision became more solid. And I was like, no, it's, it's going to be a hundred thousand dollars by the end of this calendar year. And I made that decision around this time of year. So it was like August or something like that.


And so when I had the resolve that I was going to do this, and I was like, really, really clear, I was going to do this then, uh, then my whole worldview changed. And instead of like, hoping to find maybe something that's what a dabbler does is they're hoping to find maybe something. I was like, whomp, you know,


what do I not know? That is keeping me from this goal? Who do I need to talk to? Who's going to help me with this goal. And I started like being much more like laser focused on the goal and therefore the solutions that actually solve the goal, the problem with dabbling is we're getting solutions day and night. The problem is, is they're there they're like keys to the lock that we don't have.


You know, it's like, you know what I mean? Like you're getting all these keys that can unlock stuff, but it doesn't match the padlock that you actually need the key for. So it doesn't matter. You're just getting a bunch of noise. Right? So when I turned pro I was, I was able to say none of those keys matter to me,


here's my lock, what key unlocks this lock. Right. And I got that clear about it. And I know it's so cliche in some regards, but I hope this is making sense. So what happened next was I chose to engage with coaches that I believed were going to get me there. And I chose to hire coaches and consultants and enroll in courses that were specifically addressing the problems that I had to get real with myself.


I was having, I had to get real that I had no freaking clue how to sell. So I needed to find a coach who could teach me how to sell. I knew that I had no freaking clue how to package my coaching and all of that. So I had to find a coach that would help me with all my packaging. And so I did,


I ended up hiring another coach and, Oh, my word, like if you knew how much money I paid before I finally got committed at that point, every relationship I had even since then has been an investment. So even if I buy like a $50 program, it's always a conscious investment about how it's solving a particular problem. I want to unlock this lock.


I don't care about all those other locks. I don't care about all these other keys. I hope this made a lot of sense. Yeah. Yeah. So good. So, so what happened was, is I hired the coach and literally within 48 hours, I closed my first big client and results. Not typical, not promising you a result. Okay.


I'm not in income claims. Um, I'm saying for me, when I got clear that if I had a $30,000 coaching package, I would hit my goal a lot faster. And my coach showed me how to do a package that was valued at that level. And then what I did is, is I, that freaked me out by the way, that was like such a freak out moment.


But then I remember I was at an event at the time I went up to my hotel room and I had a bath and I just decompressed. And I was just like trying to relax. I got this download while I was in the bathtub of what I would pay $30,000 to fix in my life. And now I call it the problem of appropriate magnitude.


If you're having a conversation with somebody that is tuned into what they would probably spend $300,000 to fix. Cause it's that big of a problem, they will pay you 30. Right. So I just got really, really clear about, about that problem of appropriate magnitude, have conversations about the problem of appropriate magnitude when you're having coaching calls. And then I just gave myself permission to suck.


Right. I had lots of consults. I had just like, I had lots of conversations. I just, I let myself kind of suck, not because I was trying to suck. Obviously you're trying to do your best, but I just let it be what it was so that I could have the conversations. Would you not believe it? Within 48 hours?


I closed my very first high, high ticket client. Isn't that amazing? I was just like, but it all started with deciding to go pro I had to decide that I was going to go pro I wasn't going to be a dabbler. I was going to get this, this noise figured out. So I hope that that made a lot of sense.


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