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Getting Started Even if You Feel Stuck

blog updates motivation Jul 30, 2017

Welcome to my first video blog (vlog) post! It has taken me admittedly much longer than I anticipated to pivot from traditional blogging to video, and so I figured what better topic to discuss than how to get started with a change or new habit, even when you feel stuck!

Reflection: Where in your life are you having a hard time getting (or staying) started with a new habit or change?

There are many different things you can do to jump-start that start for yourself. Today I’m running through a few of my top strategies. How could these work for you in your own life? Is there a project you’ve delayed for a long time? A life change or habit that’s been a long time coming?


Strategy 1: Start where you are at

“I’ll start when I have ___”… Sound familiar? If this is you, take a breath, and be okay with starting from where you are. You will eventually get to that level you aspire to by placing one foot in front of the other. If you never really start, how are you going to get closer to your goal?

Strategy 2: Keep Steps Manageable

(Totally mis-spelled “manageable” in the video… BUT I STARTED!) If you’re having trouble starting, consider how much effort you are demanding of yourself to begin with. If the step is too large, there will be too much of a demand on your energy and resources, and your tendency will be to procrastinate into “some future time” when those things could become available. Instead, plan a smaller, more achievable next step, and do that. Once you’re comfortable, you can quickly start making the steps bigger. Remember, a tiny step forward is better than none at all!

Strategy 3: Remain Clear

As Gail Hyatt (adored wife of Michael Hyatt) often says “You lose your way when you lose your why“… Staying clear on what the goal is that you’re aiming to achieve by starting something new in the first place is potent for motivation. If you’re cluttering the requirements of yourself it’s easy to blur out your main goal, and shut you down from making progress as the mountain of tasks looms ahead of you. Cut through the glamor / ambition / overwhelm and take an achievable step forward toward your goal.

Strategy 4: Break it Down

A favorite way to procrastinate on writing or filming my vlog was agonizing over that very first topic. To address that, I made a list of 52 topics. Just the topics! Now, each week, for a year, I can pull from that list and just do itDecision fatigue can be a mega energy zapper, so take the decisions out of it as you break down your plans into chunks to execute just a little more mindlessly.

Strategy 5: Be Understanding

It’s easy to pour a lot of energy into berating yourself for not starting that great new habit sooner. It isn’t just a waste of time… It is a great way to deflate and demotivate yourself from trying. Soon, your inner narrative spins faster and faster that you “can’t” do something, simply because you “haven’t” yet. Regret sets in, and you wind up no closer to your goals. A couple of things here… Just because you haven’t done something in the past, does not make it true in the future. If that was true, we would never learn anything and just remain infants! Also, labeling yourself as “a quitter” or “a non-starter” or “a non-video-blogger…” doesn’t help the case, either. For some reason, you may not have had the energy, the insight, or the right combo to jump start your motivation. There is no time like RIGHT NOW to pivot to that great start, and being understanding of yourself positions you to learn and progress forward. Be kind to yourself! It’ll help you be positive, and being positive gives you a serious Happiness Advantage.

Here’s to getting started with the new VLOG!


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