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Getting Into Faster Action With Coaching


Ever feel like you're constantly getting ready to get ready to get ready... to launch something, and it's never leaving your journal, hard-drive, or notebooks?

Tune in for how to break that habit and why embracing just a little chaos is a good thing.

I get that sometimes the mojo just isn't there, that we aren't tuned into our "best" energy, but if we're always waiting for "the best", we're going to be waiting a long time...

And your average can get a whole lot better over time if you allow yourself to get started a lot faster.

Speed to implementation is one of the least discussed secrets of the super successful, and it's one that I return to over and over again. 

I'm also dishing on another secret: intentional joy through intentional chaos. WHAT?!

Tune in for the rest, and we'll see ya next week!

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Getting Into Faster Action With Coaching Transcript

June 12, 2022 Transcript

Can you just turn your camera on or start writing or start publishing and start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Hey, welcome back. And that was the roughest cut ever on purpose. You know, this morning I went out for a family walk with Chris and the kids he's back from Scotland and we were just out and about, and I got inspired and I turned my camera on and I started talking about what it really took for me to get out there and start building my business.

And it really did start with messy hair. Don't care. Turn the camera on, start talking. Don't worry about if people are listening and it really took me start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and intentionally putting myself in the situation where there were messy cuts, where it was messy, haircuts, messy, messy cuts of my editing, messy, messy, and imperfect action.

And that's what we're going to talk about in today's blog. Welcome to the coaches Plaza show. I am your host, Amanda Kaufman, and I'm with you every single week. Talking about what is up in Mt world, but more importantly, how that relates to yours. And this week, I want to talk to you a little bit about confidence and how you're going to get way more out of that confidence.

And you want to know what's crazy. Okay. I'm going to tell you some easy things that happened. Okay. So I turned my camera on. I'm going to show you the real, I'm going to show you the actual little clip. It's less than a minute. It won't take too much time today, but what happened was I didn't let the perfect be the enemy of the good I got that thing out there and no kidding.

By the time I finished breakfast. So I think I have this thing posted. It was up for less than two hours. I got over 2,500 views of that video with comments of people saying, OMG, that's exactly what I needed to hear today. And no kidding. That massive, messy, imperfect action when you're out there. And you're saying the thing,

and you just keep on doing that thing. I had not one, but two clients coming back to day reporting back that they were getting results from their own messy and imperfect action. And it was coming from unsuspecting sources. One of my clients got a client today and it wasn't because of them being like this perfect person. They literally said it wasn't because I was doing this perfect thing on social media.

It was because I went out there, I did the thing and they were so happy. They were doing crazy curvy arms. So let's, let's just do a little recap. I'm going to show you what I said on the real and let's think about it. And I was starting my coaching business. I thought that I needed to have everything be perfect and have everything be organized and have everything done before I started.

And the truth is that really, you need to turn your camera on or start writing or start publishing and start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. And you know, I think how you respond to the discomfort of what you are doing when you have a choice about it is going to be so important to your long-term success. Because when you are business owner, there are going to be things that come up for you that you get no say over and how you respond to those moments.

When you have a say over it is going to dictate how you respond to the things you don't get to say over, make an awesome week. I'll see you soon. Follow me for more. I'll see you soon, coach. Okay. So like so much to unpack in that little minute there so much. We'll unpack. Getting ready, getting ready,

getting ready, getting ready, getting ready, getting ready, getting ready does not help you with what you really need to feel confident. And my goodness, I am talking to myself on this one. This is one of the biggest boomerang lessons that I have had to learn. A boomerang lesson is a thing that I have to repeat a lesson that comes around to me and whacks me upside the head like a million times in my adult life.

It is a lesson that is worth repeating, worth re ingraining worth reintegrating. Confidence does not come from thinking about doing something. Confidence comes from getting into action and actually doing it. So that, that video that I put out there was inspired by, by being in action with my company, with my coaching business, you know, so many people will feel and experience frustration in their day to day.

And then, you know, they come to our programs and they're like, oh, I'm so frustrated by the thing that I trying to do. And it's like, yes, of course you are right. Who wouldn't be frustrated. I mean, like, let's be honest. Let technology can be frustrating. Things not working out on the timeline you had in mind can be frustrating.

You know, people not wanting to pay you or people not showing up the way you thought they were going to. I'll tell you what frustration is. A feature frustration is a feature if you allow it to be that way. And one of the things that I've had to learn is is that if I can manage how I feel in a moment when I'm the one creating the moment when I'm not the one creating the moment I E when someone posts something nasty or when someone is,

you know, comes out of left field requesting something that I was not expecting them to request, or gosh, when I dunno pandemic hit, or when there's, you know, global effects that I have no control over, I'm actually way more able to handle those things that I, I have no say over when I'm more able to handle the things I do have a say over.

So that is why I'm encouraging so many people to get into action and stop fussing over the little stuff that you can control and don't let the perfect ideal or idea get in the way of good action. Excellent action. Massive imperfect action. And you know, that is the collection of wisdom of giants that I've stood on the shoulders of. I cannot tell you how many times I heard that wisdom imparted to me before I repeated it here today for you so many times,

so many times. All right. So how do you do that though? How do you stay in imperfect action? Because I have taken so much imperfect action over the last several years, building my business. It is absolutely stunning. How much of that mucky, yucky, middle ground kind of action that people don't see necessarily, right. You know, it's,

it's really, people will see like the big stuff. They're going to see your big launch. They're gonna see your big moments. They're going to see your marketing, the stuff you want people to see for sure. But I think what people don't always see is they don't always see the little moves and the, and the warm-up moves in the back round moves in the,

behind the scene moves and all that energy that goes in leading up to those big moves. And so what I thought I'd talk a little bit about today as well is like, how do you kind of keep all that going? Because all of that contributes to your confidence as well. If you think about right, the confidence, doesn't just, doesn't come from just that big moment of the big clients saying as,

or the big moment of being on a big stage or the big moment of the big brakes. Confidence comes from the accumulated cumulative action over time. So part of the reason why I was able to just like flip my camera open today and do a reel and post it and get a lot of views was because I've done it hundreds of times, right? And PS,

before January of this year, I wasn't doing reels at all because I was nervous about reels. I was not confident about reels. And now I'm doing, you know, sometimes in some ways I'm getting over 10,000 views in a week. And so how do you go from like, I'm confident, you know, I have no confidence with being on a platform at all to I'm confident I'm going to get over 10,000 views this week.

So here's how you do it. It's the middle messy middle steps and the little steps that nobody sees that you take on a consistent basis. Well, how the heck do you do that? I'm going to tell you, here's how you do it. You have to manage your energy toward that objective. It's the energy that you bring to it. And it's the enthusiasm that you bring towards it.

So let's talk a little bit about energy. So over the last couple of weeks, my energy has not been at its peak. It's optimal. And there's, there's one reason why he's waving at me. Like literally right now, it's this dude right here. All right. So, hi, I got a picture of you right here on the, on the camera.

And like, seriously, Chris is my boo and he went on a trip of a lifetime. He just, he is just over 50 years young and he is obsessed with all things, Scotland. He loves Scotland. And so for his 50th birthday, I sent him to Scotland to go and have like the church trip of a lifetime. And he was gone for 18 days,

right, babe, O M G. And like this had a major effect on my energy. And, you know, I did a lot of things to try to offset that energy. You know, I was, I was working with the kids and like, you know, working with our routine and everything, and it's still really had a big impact when he got back O M G we started doing like family walks.

We did a lot of connection. And, you know, just like today, we went shopping, we went and we've been resetting the house and getting everything back in order. But one of the big secrets I'll give you is, is that if you really want to do the, the little embarrassing things, that messy middle, so that you get the big reward stuff,

it really all starts from your energy, your vibe. And that to me, comes down to the relationships you have around you. It comes down to your movement. It comes down to the music. You listen to how much sleep you're getting. It really is energy in every sense of the word is your physiological energy. It's, it's your mood. It's your emotional energy.

It's your drive. And you know, one of the little things, little things I got to tell you, like, with all of this resetting, Chris and I were, were out shopping today. And my son had like the, the idea to get me flowers, get me some roses. And Chris was like, ah, you know, like I know we're always like watching our pennies and managing our profit and all of that.

I wasn't sure if it would be a great investment. And I got to tell you that, like, one of the biggest things you can do for your energy is make sure you're investing in joy. And like these flowers were less than 10 bucks. And I got to tell you something, if you are not making sure you've got a bubble bath or making sure you've got like the dark chocolate or making sure you've got the flowers as a center piece on your dining room table,

or you've got like that joy point in your life. One of the biggest things I was talking about with one of my very dear friends this week about energy is that you can optimize the joy right out of your life. You can take your energy almost down to zero by taking the chaos out. And so, like we could have been super functional about grocery shopping today.

We did meal plan. We did plan ahead and you know what I did, I got the flowers. I also tried a new coffee. That's got notes of carbo in it, notes of chocolate in it. And it's something like I'm going to call it a loose moose or something. It's got a fun name, jumping moose. That's what it was so loose.

And it's, it's a fun coffee. And, you know, I think that, that in grand total, we spent an extra $12 this week on our groceries and it injected some chaos into the plan. And what I'm, what I really wanna just share with you is, is that messy hair when you do reels and not totally perfectly thought out content and not perfectly thought out launch plans and not perfectly thought out engagement with your business is actually where the magic is.

It's about having some joy in the process. It's about having some connection with what it is that you're doing and making sure that there's some color in what it is that you're doing, because you know what I bet I have. I am queen optimizer of process. I know about process and systems. We teach process and systems, and we do a lot of comparative analysis of what works really,

really well, and what is going to be a giant waste of time. But at the same time, if you do not invest in the things that spark a smile, spark joy in your processes, especially in the high intensity that we've been experiencing over the past few years, politically, and like medically, and just like in all the, all these,

if you've been feeling less joy in your process, I just super encourage you spend $5 to get some daisies. You know what I'm saying? Like, if you don't want to get the roses, get the Daisy. If you don't want to do that, if you're convinced you're going to kill it. It's okay. Cut flowers are meant to not last forever.

You know, like stop hanging on so tight, right? Enjoy have a little bit of that extra joy in your week. Deviate a little bit, you know, I know it's taco Tuesday, but it'll be a thrill to make the tacos on a Wednesday. You know what I'm saying? Like, bring some chaos into this, give yourself some permission.

Permission is where so many people really could benefit from experiencing way, way, way, way more life. And when you're wanting to have change in your life, like launching a business, growing your business, scaling your business, it really starts with getting clarity about where does your joy come from? Where does your energy come from so that you can inject just a little bit more joy into that process and connect with what's really,

really important to you. All right. Well, that's it for me for this week. I hope you really loved it. Do me a favor. If you did go ahead and subscribe to the YouTube or the podcast wherever you happen to be listening from and recommend this to three of your like-minded friends, because we are looking to meet some amazing people, just like you.

And don't forget to come and join us in the coaches Plaza community. This is where you're going to get the latest trainings for coaches and consultants and high ticket course creators who want to have an authentic impact are ready to blast past their perfectionism, get into service. And I cannot wait to see you in an upcoming training. Just join us at www dot the coaches,

plaza.com. I can't wait to see you on the socials. My name's Amanda Kaufman. We'll see you soon.



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