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Get Our Scrappy Session Method To Create Consults By Friday

It isn’t necessary for the over preparation, overthinking, and overbuilding of your coaching business to be considered an actual coach or a successful coach.

In fact, all of the time and energy spent on overbuilding could possibly wind up being for nothing if you don’t have the ability to gain client attraction!

This week, Amanda and Chris are talking about their Scrappy Session Method that gets entrepreneur coaches into action faster without all the novelty coaching tools that won’t help when it comes to getting into conversations with potential clients faster.

If you’re growing an online coaching or consulting business and you’re having trouble attracting clients…

You won’t miss out on this discussion that’s going to show you what you need in order to connect with potential clients FAST and how to do it without a guru level of detail or complexity!

Come join the CEO Coach Community at The Coach’s Plaza at www.thecoachesplaza.com 

Get the full vlog, transcript, and mp3 at https://bit.ly/3k1nyne

Get Our Scrappy Session Method To Create Consults By Friday

Transcript of Podcast - August 20, 2021

Hi there, Amanda here. And Chris Lavelle. And you're watching The CRUSH Method Show. And this week we're talking about our scrappy strategy for how to get consults, maybe even by Friday. Oh, I like that. That's quick. That's quick. You know, I spent a lot of time over-building my business before I actually got traction with attracting clients.

Yup, yup. Yup. Overthinking and overbuilding. Maybe. Though, we came from a corporate background and so everything was always Microsoft project planned and had the nth degree of layer in detail. And that's great. But sometimes you just need to get there fast, like by Friday, like you said. Yeah, exactly. Now we recently shared this strategy in our Facebook group,

The Coach's Plaza in a lot more detail. So you can come and join us at www.thecoachesplaza.com and come join us for absolutely free. And we hope that you will, but basically, the broad strokes of it is are you just really Overbuilding all the things? And I think that there's a lot of, there's a lot of programs and training and coaching about Marketing,

marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing, marketing- Here's 20 different ways to market, for example. And sometimes they step so deep into the great guru levels of detail on marketing. Here's how to do a marketing plan if you have a million dollars and a team, but that's not where everybody starts. No. Sometimes you start with scrappy and just getting into action.

And that's kind of what we wanted to share with you today is how to make that leap. If you will, into action. The thing that really helps is letting the sim- like, the simplicity into your life and your business. And I had a coach that really helped me with this because she has been basically a lifer entrepreneur she's just gone from thing to thing.

And she really helped me see that the solution is not always endless preparation like preparation is good. Sure. And you, you know, this strategy of being really scrappy, it's one of those things that you can use to just like pump some gas, you know, hit the, hit the pedal to the metal and just go and just go. It's probably not the best strategy to like,

do it again. Do it again. It's definitely something that you use to get going and build up some initial momentum, so to speak. And then you add additional layers and complexities on, but this is the one that you just get into action with, just get going. And the one you learned it from, she didn't come from a highly planned background.

She was a go-getter entrepreneur. Shoot from the hip. Absolutely. And she said, okay, Amanda, I see you with your planning and your notebook and all of your ticked boxes. You're a planner. I want you to get dirty and get scrappy. Yeah, action. Yeah. So I came up with this on my own actually. And it was,

it was really, really terrifying, but all I did was invite people to a group coaching session. Whoa, whoa, wait. It's that simple. Literally, I was expecting more buildup from that. It was, it was, "Hi. Like I'm having a group coaching session on Friday. Do you want to come?" Ah, so I, could you do that coach something that's straightforward.

Could you say, Hey, I'm having a group coaching session you want to come? Okay. Yeah. And then when at the end, I said, thanks for coming. And as a special, thank you. I'd love to invite each one of you into a private coaching session And you notice what she did there. She invited them to a next step.

Yup. That's the key. That's absolutely key. Now, you know, we did a whole extended, you know, training on this with a lot more detailed, but to be completely frank with you, that was that I literally just Gave you the whole thing. If you want more On that very simple strategy, you just come and join us in The Coach's Plaza.

We would love to have you there. But we also know that like sometimes you just need to know that it's people will still sign up for something if it's simple. If you have people who have been following you on your Facebook or your Instagram or your in a Facebook group, or even just, you have friends that would love to know what this coaching stuff is all about.

Give it a crack because the, one of the big things that I really didn't believe was that people would just show up because I said I was hosting something. And I think that that probably goes back to when I was 14 years old. And I was worried that if I threw a party, Nobody would come! Well you know, the first time you did that in the business,

you did that in- invited 47 people and six or more showed up that's over a 10% show-up rate for something that costs zero money took literally moments to do. And then from there, you got six people that agreed to move forward to a private discussion. Exactly. And not everybody became my client, but a few of them did. And that's how it starts.

You know, you really just have to lend authentic value. And I know that sounds really cheesy, but it's so true. It is really true. And I did have to learn to be able to attract strangers. I had to be able to add even more value and there's more to it to make it sustainable, which is why I think it's a good idea for you to join us in our,

in our group to learn about that. Because eventually, you're going to need to learn those deeper layers. But if you're just looking for that next client or two don't overbuild it. Yeah. Hopefully, that helps. So we hope to see you in the group and we'll see you again soon. All best, Coach! MWAH!


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