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Get Our Quantum Growth Formula For More Dream Clients (In 3 Posts A Week!)

As a business owner, it’s amazing if you can have a steady increase in revenue every year that allows you to slowly expand and grow your business to where you want it!

But there can be times where your business isn’t progressing as well as you’d like it to, and you start to get overwhelmed... Or you get stuck in your head... Or maybe feel stranded at a productivity halt... Maybe even all three at once...

So what can help you through the tough times and also help you accomplish exponential growth beyond just a percentage increase from the previous year?

In this week’s episode of The Coach’s Plaza Podcast, Amanda and Chris are discussing what Quantum Growth means to them and how they thought something would take forever to happen but happened in a shockingly short amount of time because that made a small adjustment to how they were doing things.

If you are wanting to make a jump from one point of your coaching business to a point across space and time (kinda) and not follow along the standard path, then you won’t want to miss the week’s episode of The Coach’s Plaza Podcast!

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Get the full vlog, transcript, and mp3 at https://bit.ly/3kCLoag 


Get Our Quantum Growth Formula For More Dream Clients (In 3 Posts A Week!)

Transcript of Podcast - September 24, 2021

Hey, Hey, Amanda here! And Chris Lavelle! And we just finished going live from The Coach's Plaza, which is our free community, where we were talking about some quantum moves. We got a little, little nerdy in there talking about the kinds of things that really make a shift in your coaching business. Yes. And the thing is, is that we've been in business for over four years.

Can you believe that? Oh my gosh, It feels like forever. And we first got into the business in the first place because we were in corporate jobs where we increasingly felt like it didn't matter. We were putting all this effort in all these hours, all these days. We thought we were really putting some real time into things, but it just didn't feel like it mattered.

Exactly. So we're very committed to doing things that matter in our lives because life is short. So you want to make sure that if you are doing something with this beautiful life force, that you're doing something that matters and over the years, we've gotten more and more obsessed with being successful with your business online, with, with your, with your connected purpose.

And we love helping coaches because we know that you're motivated to doing this because it matters to you too. And you're helping people to do things that matter in their lives. You want to have an impact on the world and on people well through coaching, for example. Exactly. So whether you're helping somebody with weight loss or relationship improvement, or maybe you're even a business coach.

Yeah. I mean, whatever, you're helping somebody with that matters too. Right? So we have had some huge changes in our business in a short period of time. And so we went live in The Coach's Plaza group, which is our free community to share some real behind the scenes details of exactly some of the changes that we did make in our business.

And, you know, just to kind of give you a little bit of a preview of that. One of the biggest things is, is that we sought perspective from our mentors. Absolutely, a real Meta-Moment. We provide a lot of that kind of perspective in the free group, for example, and especially in our paid programs, but in this case, that's what we had to go get.

We had to go to our mentors and our coaches and say, Hey, how do we do this better? Honestly, it felt a little, like I was like, lay I'm laying this on the ground before you I've had this goal for my business for so long. Why am I not hitting it yet? And you know, I was very fortunate to have chosen some excellent programs where I could have an authentic conversation and a dialogue with some mentors.

And they were very straight with me that, Hey, you know, some of these foundational things that you thought you had, you don't, you don't got it because if you had it, then you would actually have the Results. And that's stung my ego. Like I had the meat. I'm not ready to scale. And your foundation. Yeah, exactly.

It's like, if you don't want the gaps, then maybe you should go fix them. That's right. We relied on Those mentors to give us that honest perspective. That's, that's why you hire a coach and a mentor, someone to say, look, let's Be honest. Let's be honest. Nobody likes to hear your baby's ugly, but sometimes people need to hear your baby's ugly.

And so we needed to hear that and hear that there was some things that were not quite beautiful yet about our little baby, our business. And so we had to go fix those things before we can begin to really scale, like we want it. I think one of the other really biggest mindset moves was to stop, stop seeking for ease and start specifically seeking challenge.

And, you know, I wasn't looking to pick a fight, but what I was looking to do was to identify like, where was I shying away from the challenge that was going, that was really blocking us from that next level. And in our case, it was really opening ourselves up to, to team and having team work with us in our business.

Well, one of the many things, but generally, if you're not getting the result that you want, especially if you look at another company or another business, and you're like, oh, if only I had, If only I had what they had, I would be as successful as they are. If you kind of get like a little bit of a,

like a longing stare in your eye, You know, that like that look that you get on your face when the, when you had ordered at the restaurant and then you see what they ordered and then you instantly regret what you ordered that. Look, if you're having that look, and then there's a very good chance that it's possible that you're seeking comfort over challenge.

There you go. And that was a huge mindset shift for me. And by the way, I've had that at a restaurant where I would order the same thing over and over again. I'm like, what did they get? And it was like, they got the special. And I was like, I didn't chance the special, because I wanted my comfort food.

Oh, there you go there to exactly that point, ease isn't easy. It does sometimes require stepping into some real. And I remember hearing this financial, some of our mentors, like pretty early on in our journey where it was like, the goal is not to avoid difficulty. The goal is to make sure that you have a dream team around you to support you through the difficulty.

I was like, oh, okay, well, you know, that makes sense. Cause if it was easy, then everybody would have it and it would be done. Absolutely duh, but you know, oh, well we just keep learning those lessons and moving forward. And if you'd love to hear more about all of this, you should totally come join us.

The Coach's Plaza, it's the coolest place to hang out. And we have training from all of the things that we keep on learning along the way, all the skin's needs, all the things that we did that were super dumb. And some of the smart things too, we do trainings on all of them in the coaches Plaza. You should totally come join.

It's completely free and awesome. If you're a coach who wants to do things that matter, you should totally come through and the coach's Plaza. All right. All right. Well, we'll let you go back to your day, whatever it was that you were doing. And we will see you again next week. All right. How do I do this button?

Alright. Okay, cool. I found it. Bye!


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