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Uncategorized Apr 16, 2021

Are you a CEO whose coaching business is repeatedly hitting the same monthly revenue number again and again and no matter what you try, you just aren’t able to get past that cap?

If so, you’re definitely going to want to catch this week’s episode of The CRUSH Method Show!

This week, Amanda and Chris are sharing the top 3 big things that have helped them build a repeated 5-figure monthly revenue online coaching business. They’re also covering some of the tactics they experimented with that didn’t show the results that they were looking for.

Don’t stunt the growth of your online coaching biz and definitely don’t settle with anything less than 5-figures a month!

Come learn more in this week’s episode of The CRUSH Method Show.

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Get Our 3-Part 5-Figure Monthly Coaching System

Transcript of Podcast - April 16, 2021

Hey, Hey! Amanda here! And Chris Lavelle! And you're watching The CRUSH Method Show. And I'm so excited to share with you some results of an experiment that we've been running in our own business for the last six months with some of the marketing tactics that we have been playing with, specifically some of the ones that we've been ditching and getting rid of. We have been running this business for just about four years now. Mhmm, yep.

And we ran into the same problem that a lot of entrepreneurs run into, which is we were kind of capping out at our revenue. We kept hitting the same number again and again, month after month, we did that for around the year more, I think, actually Exactly. Now, if I slip up and tell you a number or something in this video,

a quick disclaimer. We are not accountants. We are not telling you you're going to make any kind of money or anything. We do not do get rich quick. We're not those coaches. We talk about business principles and marketing strategy and things like that. So we're happy to tell you what we know, but it's all dependent on your actions. It does,

and market things and things that are way even beyond your own actions. So we really can't promise anything. So with all that being said, we did want to share with you some things that we learned. Cause we did find some useful things in those six months during that experiment. And it began with, for example, trying all kinds of stuff as Amanda alluded to and discovering that well,

that might be a bridge too far. Really, maybe there's just a few things that really consistently move the needle for us. Exactly. I think a lot of people get into online marketing and entrepreneurship for a lot of different reasons and they see a lot of different things being modeled by a lot of other entrepreneurs. And you wind up with kind of this hodgepodge soup of all the things you could do.

And if you're like me, you wind up doing all the things a little bit. That's right. A little bit of everything and not really doing great with the stuff that you're doing because you're doing so much. And I was able to have quite a bit of success with high ticket sales in high ticket coaching sales. And I was able to get quite a bit of success with doing it online,

particularly through more relationship-based marketing and conversational sales. Now that is what we teach. That's what we do in our programs with our students as well. But there's a lot of different ways to make money on the internet as, as people will definitely tell you in your social media feed, if you've ever looked up how to make money on the internet. They're happy to tell you their ways.

Absolutely. But, but what can happen is if you wind up trying to do everything all at once, you wind up on the burnout wheel. And you go nowhere fast. A little bit here, a little bit there a little bit in 20 other places. And before you know it, you're not anywhere. And one of the, kind of big, kind of not nice things that happened to me before I ever became an entrepreneur is I dealt with burnout as a corporate employee.

And if you've ever dealt with burnout, it's horrible. It's really horrible. You know, it led to a lot of anxiety, a lot of depression, a lot of mental health issues, lasting effects. And so when we were making the pivot into entrepreneurship, first me and then Chris, we just committed. You know, if we're going to make that change,

we are not going to do the 24 hour a day entrepreneur thing. No, you were doing 12, 14 hours a day as a consultant. We didn't want to do 12, 14 hours a day in your own business then. Yeah. Yeah. Like I wasn't trading the employee lifestyle for a new job that I created with worse benefits. Right.

So, and, and I think that that's what a lot of business owners inadvertently do because they tell themselves, oh, well, sometime in the future, they're going to have more freedom, sometime in the future, they're going to have more flexibility. And I'm recording this, I'm wearing workout attire cause I didn't really bother to change out of it. And I'm in a t-shirt. And you know,

is that damaging to our brand? Well, our brand is really about freedom and about doing things your way and accepting your, the way you look, the way you feel and being able to add a lot of value to other people, no matter how you look. And certainly not letting the perfect get in the way of the good and the action you can succeed with in the good.

Now that all being said, you still have to make some money, honey, right? It is a business after all. And you still have to be in front of people who, who are interested in what you have to offer no matter what you're wearing. And so that means that you have to create content. That means that you have to have a marketing strategy.

That means you need to have sales calls, right? And that could mean in some people's view that you've got to do these 20 plus different things, or you can discover what we did that, you know, there's really only about three that moved the needle in our business. Now we went over all three of these in extreme detail in The Coach's Plaza, which is our free group where we do trainings on, like this, in a lot of detail every single week.

And we encourage you to go to The Coach's Plaza to get all three of them. But I'm going to give you a quick overview right here, right now. The number one big thing is to have a platform on social media. We really love Facebook groups, which is why we'd love to see you in our Facebook group, because it's a curated community where you can have a conversation with like-minded people in a more open forum and we love that.

Well, absolutely. You can create a real culture that's supportive of what you want to do with the people you want to coach. In our case, that's coaches that want to have some great learning to help them move forward in their coaching business, but not go through an icky pitch-fest, people selling to them all the time. And that's not what we wanted.

So we created a group where we don't do that. Exactly. Now there's a lot to making a group work. You know, when we wrapped up the training, we actually got a really good question as we're running out the door, kind of thing, that I'm going to answer right here on the show. And that is, well, what if I already have a Facebook group and the other two things I'm going to share with you here.

And I'm still not getting results. It's still not popping for me. It's not about having the Facebook group. It's knowing what to do with it. Ah, there you go. So it's not just having these three things. It's how to use the three things, which is, again, something we go into deeper in the training and even in our product offerings as well.

Exactly. That's honestly the thing that we spend the most time on with our clients over and over again is what is the conversation that you're having with your prospective clients, your audience, your avatars. And getting that clarity, getting to that depth of clarity, that's something that I work on with my $40,000 private clients. That's something that I work on, you know,

right down to our $4 promotional coaching, coaching experience clients. Like, that's a really big piece of it. But I would say mechanically speaking, the Facebook group has been really huge at the time of this recording, right? So that's certainly one of those three. Second big one, your email list. Oh my Goodness. Email? That's decades old. Email can't be it.

Golly, is it? I know people still have that same email address that they've had for five, 10, 15 years in some cases. And they use it. They use email to log in to stuff, they use email to check on their receipts, their, their shipment orders or confirmation codes. Email is very, very much part of people's daily lives. And so email really is still quite viable as a marketing device and tool.

And the, the thing about the group, I love the interaction of the group, I love the tech of the group, I love all of the things about the group. And if Facebook changes a policy.. The group could pop off. It's Facebook's platform, it's not our platform. But the email? Well that's ours. That's exactly it. That's exactly it.

And I mean, big platforms change things in sweeping ways all the time. And retroactively. Oh, by the way, we changed a rule. Yeah, you did something eight months ago we didn't like. Too bad! You could literally wake up and just find out, find out that a whole platform has just completely changed on you overnight. It does happen.

And it happens frequently enough that I can say, with a lot of certainty, that It's probably going to happen in the future. Right? So email is one of those things that has endured over the years. And so it, it definitely makes our list of the top three things that you definitely need to have in your business. And again, we spend a lot of time teaching people how to do this because it sounds so simple,

right? Like, Oh yes, send emails. What do you say in the emails? Now in the training that we did in The Coach's Plaza, I gave quite a good little rundown of some of the things you can do there. If you want to go and check that out in more detail. And this is also something that we spend quite a bit of time on in our programs and,

and helping our clients to really dial in their voice and dial in exactly what it is that they're saying in those emails. Third big, big idea is that you want to have a, at least monthly, bigger deal event. We love doing masterclasses. Yeah, that's like a webinar, for example, same thing. Yeah. Yeah. Same thing. Workshop,

webinar, masterclass presentation, a Webby. Yep. So having something that's special and off the Facebook platform, something that's maybe hosted in zoom or Demio, or, you know, there's a dozen, dozens of other platforms, but it's just a more formalized presentation. A more formalized opportunity to strut your stuff, coach, and be able to demonstrate what you know. Now with a masterclass, again,

you might be like, "Right, I just need to do a presentation and then I'll be good." Just a word of warning, coach. It, it does. Yes. You do need to do the presentation. There is an art to that as well. You know, if it was just easy to just do these three things- Everybody would do it. And be successful. Jinx! Jinx. But,

clearly it's not just about having the three things. To the question that that person shared, right as we were coming off that live. It's not just those three things. It's how you do those three things, the consistency with what you do it and more that really makes the difference. And that's what we talk about in our programs and in our groups. Exactly.

And I think like the big moral of the story is no matter what you do, whether you're doing a group, whether you're sending emails, whether you're doing masterclasses, do it with a spirit of helpfulness, you know. Do it with a spirit of service and make sure you've got a great offer. And like, those are, those are kind of some bonus little tidbits,

that I'm going to give you here, but I'm going to invite you. Come check out The Coach's Plaza. We did a full half-hour training on all of this. We'd love to have you in there and check out the guide section for even more trainings, just like this. We'll see you in the group. All the best, coach! MWAH! Bye!


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