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Get Our 1-Day Launch Formula

Taking your ideas of becoming an online coaching entrepreneur and turning them into an actual business is obviously a little more difficult than it sounds. Wouldn’t you agree?

If so, you’re going to want to catch this week’s episode of The CRUSH Method Show!

This week, Amanda is sharing 3 key steps that helped her launch successful coaching products online in just 24 hours! She also covers some common roadblocks that get coaches hung-up along the way, how to avoid them, and how testing her product ideas help her clients thrive.

Don’t miss out on this free knowledge that can really help you get started on your path to confidence with this 1-day launch formula!

Come learn more in this week’s episode of The CRUSH Method Show.

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Get Our 1-Day Launch Formula

Transcript of Podcast - April 23, 2021

Hey, Hey, Amanda here. And I'm so excited to welcome you to The CRUSH Method Show and share with you our one-day launch formula. Now this formula basically came about because I started to realize that I did not know very much about how to really make money on the internet. You know, I first started this whole journey with this idea of becoming a coach online and I wanted to leave my corporate job.

I wanted to get out into the world. I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I had a lot of ideas about what that could mean. I knew a lot about productivity. I knew about lifestyle in terms of being able to juggle a lot. I felt like I had a lot of skills. I was a consultant at the time working in a corporate job.

And I was like, maybe that could be valuable to somebody. I had a lot of friends that were always tapping me on the shoulder and asking for my advice and asking for my help. And I kind of had a reputation at work for being the one that people could talk to about having more life balance or achieving a goal. I did very well as a consultant and I was able to help people kind of step into roles and,

and get the goal done. And it was almost like I had this superpower as a coach, but I didn't really know how to take all of that and turn it into a business. And so I started out hiring a business coach to help me try to figure out how do I take what I want to do and leave a corporate job and become an entrepreneur online.

And he tried to help me come up with like business ideas. And he took me through a lot of different sorts of exercises and I never really settled on, on anything. I tried interviewing a lot of people. I tried doing a ton of homework. I was spending so much time trying to figure out how am I going to be successful as a business.

And along the way, one of the things I knew for sure was that I needed to expand my network beyond the people I knew at work, I needed to do some networking. And as I did that, I started to meet some coaches in my local area. And one thing led to another. I found out about the coaching industry and I thought,

perfect. I'll become a coach. And I developed my skill of coaching. It turns out coaching is a huge industry, a massive industry. And most of the industry is tied up in creating coaches and teaching coaches, how to create businesses. But a lot of that is still tied up in the goal of becoming a coach. It's not really teaching you how to build the business part.

And so I wanted to share with you in this week's blog, how do you actually turn it into the business part though? The business part though, and here's the answer you have to launch products. You have to take this skill and package it into something that you can launch as a product. And the really cool thing is that you can do it in 24 hours.

Oh my gosh. Right now I know that that sounds really crazy that you could launch something in 24 hours, but it is possible. Now, is it going to be the biggest craziest launch to know? Is it going to be something that you're going to make millions of dollars? No. And disclaimer, if you're watching blogs with the hopes of making millions of dollars from watching a blog,

stop it, do some work, right? Read books and, and do homework, sign up for programs like really do the work. Okay? Because it is hard work. It is hard work, but here's what I'll tell you. You need to test market ideas. You need to test what you're thinking might be something that people want to invest in.

And people do invest in coaching. As long as it is something that is going to help them to achieve a goal. So there's three big steps, three big moves to doing a launch in even a 24 hour period. All you have to do is, first of all, you have to stop making it about you. All right. This was such a big pill for me to swallow is,

is that I had to stop being like figuring out what kind of coach I am. I had to stop worrying about what my elevator pitch was. I had to stop worrying about what kind of niche I was going to serve. I had to stop. Stop, stop, just stop the madness. You are gifted with your skills, your aptitudes, your experience.

And now it's time to think about how that can be used to help other people. That was the hard talk I had to have with myself that I know it was very, very blessed to be around coaches who helped me to see that. Okay. So maybe I'm that coach for you, but you have something to give other people. And this crippling anxiety that most people have,

and I have had, and I deal with from time to time still of like, am I good enough? Can I do this? Yes, you can. Yes you are. We, the step one is we have to stop making it about us. Start making it about them, right? The people out there tap into that helpful side. Right?

Which I know you have. If you're watching this much of my video, you're definitely a helpful person. So tap into that. So people want help with all kinds of things. And the sooner you master those kinds of things that you can be very helpful with, then the happier you're going to be in your business. The second thing is to recognize that there are markets of people who want help with a thing that's masses of people who want help with a thing.

And I used to think, I had to guess at that, I used to think that I had to guess at what that was. And I used to think that I had to build something amazing and then people would come and find me. And the thing is is that that's a Kevin Costner movie. It's called field of dreams. You build it. They will come.

Your business is not a field of dreams, movie, right? It's not a Kevin Costner movie. What you want to do is you want to test your idea. You want to test your idea. That's why I said, it's a 24 hour launch. Get something out there. It's social media. You have in your pocket, the ability to say,

Hey guys, I'm going to do a class on this topic would love to invite you to it. Let you know, say this keyword below. If you would like an invitation, there you go. If you get somebody who says, I'd be interested, you have a good idea. If nobody responds, try another idea tomorrow. I know it doesn't sound like really sexy.

And it is exactly and absolutely how I started to build my business is I started to test ideas faster. I started to put things out there more bravely. I started to put things out there with shorter timelines. Now I did a much more robust training with my husband, Chris, in our free group, The Coach's Plaza. We actually went through a robust step-by-step half-hour training in our group.

If you go to www.thecoachesplaza.com, you can join our group completely for free. So I'm going to invite you to come check it out. And I hope you have a really amazing day. Get out there, coach, get into service, stop waiting, stop waiting. You've got an amazing set of skills. Just trust yourself that you are helpful.

Trust yourself to test ideas. Be okay when people don't respond, you will survive. It's just about testing a new idea and getting out there every 24 hours. See you soon.


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