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7-Figure Feel-Good Sales Strategy and Building A Team To Scale


I just had to tell you about it!

I met Christina Kelly while attending a mastermind earlier this year, and she blew me away with her positivity, energy, and commitment to coaching.

And when she invited me to speak on her podcast Royalty Redefined: Become The Queen Of Your Life

This conversation is so raw, real, and what it really takes to build, scale, and grow a coaching business, between two women who *get it*.

via CBC on GIPHY

Christina is a fire interviewer, and she asked me questions that no one has asked me (even in a coaching call), and we're dishing on:

  • Whether it's really okay to be obsessive about your business
  • Why a job is deceptive in its security (seriously, listen to this, it's around 14 minutes in)
  • How I avoided entrepreneurship for 12 years, and how it finally bit me...
  • What to do when your joy drops out of your business (seriously, be a 9/10 in your business most of the time, even in the grind)
  • Plus what you can expect if you're starting out or considering, or if you've been at this for a while and you're wondering if this challenge you're facing is 'normal'

Don't miss this episode. Listen to it on Apple Podcasts here

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