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Who the Heck Am I?

Amanda is an executive coach, speaker, wife, mother, productivity and performance nerd, and an advocate for you CRUSHing It in your own life!

Prior to formally launching her coaching practice, Amanda spent a decade as a strategist, mentor, and leader, traveling all over North America to serve her high-profile clients, all while raising a young family and pursuing several personal goals at the same time. Amanda offers a range of performance coaching and consulting services - from individual coaching, to workshops, and keynote speeches on the subjects of personal effectiveness, leadership, and balance.

"I entered coaching with the objective of creating more out of each element of my life. Amanda and I have been able to assess the current state, and identify aspirational state for each of the major components of my life (career, health, home environment, etc.). I now have action steps and I'm confident in the path we've laid out!"

Meghan Truchan
Head of Procurement for a Major Portfolio Company

"Amanda’s is thoughtful, creative, and motivating. She is positive, curious, and very perceptive—asking the right question at the right time to promote reflection, insights, and commitment to action. She is both analytical and outcome-oriented, able to balance discovery with accountability to ensure you make the progress you desire. "

Mary Ruggiero, MS
Organizational Development Consultant

"Amanda is keenly insightful about the obstacles and opportunities that face high performing executives. I value her wisdom as a sounding board for ideas and a non-judgmental mirror for reflection."

Michael C
Executive Partner of a Large Consulting Company

"Amazing, amazing, amazing. I feel so energised, happy and motivated after my session with Amanda and I shall definitely be using her services. I am also very pleased that I met her in person too in the USA. Thank you Amanda, best wishes, Belinda"

Belinda Campbell
CEO of Bladderchat

"Amanda Kaufman has an amazing special power to bring out the best and everyone she meets and is committed to coaching people and putting systems in place to help themachieve their goals! Love partnering with her! "

Robin Corbin
District Director at Arbonne

"I have been doing High-Performance Coaching with Amanda for the past few months and the breakthroughs I have experienced have changed my perspective on life both professionally and personally. Amanda's coaching style makes you dig deep and question what matters most in your life. My finances, relationships, and self-care have improved dramatically since I started working with her. If you're looking for a kick-ass coach that will help you crush it at life and business, Amanda's your go-to! "

Kris Simpson
Certified High Performance Coach

"I found Amanda to be a terrific listener, very skilled at asking just the right and thoughtful open-ended questions to pull me to a broader place, and very knowledgeable and generous in sharing that knowledge. And she did not impose that knowledge on me but was respectful in offering and responsive when I asked for it. She really helped me to work through challenging issues and did so in a sometimes gentle and sometimes assertive way, expertly knowing what level of firmness was needed."

Brett Larson
Certified Professional Coach

"Amanda is one of the most powerful and systematic life-design coaches I have ever worked with. I started with her because I had some serious and limiting mindset challenges around money and the value I was providing to my coaching clients. After just two coaching calls with Amanda, I was able to triple my coaching rates. Her deep work with me on my mindset was so powerful, that I no longer felt icky or insecure about charging what I wanted in my coaching rates. Amanda has a gift for systematic and process thinking, which became invaluable as I did an overhaul of my sales funnel, enrollment and client nurturing process. Not only did I develop a process that allowed me to feel confident about my income, but I also started having more powerful and enjoyable sales conversation. I moved from I am a coach to I am a business owner running a coaching business. That mindset shift is so powerful, it keeps me focused and it helps me to take massive, repeatable actions every day to build a business I am loving EVERY second. Thank you, Amanda! "

Benton McTaggart
Certified Professional Coach, CEO of Benton McTaggart Coaching

"Amanda is a fantastic coaches coach! She is real, honest, and so down to earth. What has helped me most is her natural ability to connect, to understand where I am at and be my sherpa up the mountain of starting my own business. She offers real solutions to operate a REAL coaching business, not a get rich quick strategy. A rare gem!"

Lauren Cosgrave
Engineering Program Manager at Facebook

"Amanda creates clarity in her descriptions of the steps you need to accomplish to achieve your dreams. Follow her lead and you will find success."

Mary Beckett
Owner at Blue Ice Essentials

"The training is awesome and easy to follow!"

Karen Williams
Public Sector Admin. Assist at Technology Integration Group

"I got to experience a High Performance Coaching session!!! Very exciting! I felt like I was prepared to meet and exceed all of my goals for the next year, literally! Amanda is an amazing coach with a unique gift. She taught me very specific methods to be successful in my business. What I liked most is that she is a professional, she covered more areas than I could’ve thought of on my own and she taught me step by step how to be very clear in my approach, follow up and be duplicatable. I highly recommend her! Thanks so much!!! "

Tara Donato
Owner at Beauty by Taramari

"In just 45 minutes, Amanda cut right to the heart of things and not only helped me flesh out my signature offer as a coach, but also made me see how I was short-selling myself and opened my eyes to what's really possible. Having a road map is wonderful, but having the right mindset and perspective to put it into action is even MORE powerful. I'm so excited about what the next few months will bring. 🤩 To anyone on the fence about whether or not to work with Amanda, I'm telling you, you need to just JUMP right off that fence and schedule a call with her TODAY. This is not hype. It's an investment in your business that will pay off in spades. I can already see it coming. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades. 😎 "

Liz Powell
Health & Performance Coach at Momentous Life

"Jumped on a 15 min session today with Amanda Kaufman. She helped me gain some clarity on my next steps, reinforced stuff I knew but hadn't totally embraced and gave me one tool to help make a decision I was struggling with...golden "

Grant Donnelly
Works at Grant Donnelly Life Coach

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CRUSH Your Goals Weekly Review Planner

(this is quite different than simply reviewing your calendar…)

Enter your name and email below, and I’ll send it to you right away!


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